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@BlairLMonson: Finally this boy has finished all of his projects so that @BradTHall and I can whisk him away for an adventure

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@BlairLMonson: Finally this boy has finished all of his projects so that @BradTHall and I can whisk him away for an adventure. Enjoy this shot taken by Brad of @KylanMonson doing a strip tease for us (even if we had to pay him to get the shot)
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@KylanMonson: You loved it, don't lie
@username: Sometimes I ask myself why I stan these three, other times I find it better to just not ask what is going on in their posts
@username2: If this is not me then I don't know what is @username
@BradTHall: He looked good doing it so why not pay him anyway?
@username3: I'm not complaining
@username4: I wish I had enough money to pay him so that I could see that in person
@KylanMonson: give me a time and place and I'll see what I can do 😉 @username4
@username5: omg @KylanMonson @username4
@kitkatsmeow: That moment you wish you had a chance 😍 @emeraudetoubia back me up girl
@emeraudetoubia: babe, if I could, I would 😍😵👅💦
@username6: The sh girls are here and they're loving it too. I'm living
@username7: that is plain evil to tease us like this
@BlairLMonson: I know, I'm the literal devil, aren't I? @username7
@username7: yes, yes you are
@username8: ^^😂


(Group chat: Fam💞)
(Participants: Whittemore💲 , Hale🐺 and Blairbear🐻)

So, are you two going to let me in on the plans yet or am I going to get dragged around the world with no clue where I'm going again?

Blair has the whole plan memorised. I'll let her decide how much she wants you to know

First things first, I suggest a nap. We need to arrive at the airport really early so there's no time to properly go to bed tonight
Then, when we land, I've hired a car and we're going on a bit of a road trip before we reach our final destination + a vital stop along the way and any other stops we choose to take on the journey

We're taking shifts to drive so we can rest some more since its a different time zone and none of us sleep that well on planes

Fair enough then, I guess I should go and pack
I'll see you two later

Yeah, I'll pick up Brad first so you have more time since he's had all week to get his stuff together and should be ready by the time I get to his.
We'll meet you at yours and hang out for a bit before setting off from there once you're done packing
See you soon little bro

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