(Akame Ga Kill)Esdeath x Weak!Bullied! Reader

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This was requested by 88010251jp. You will be 18 and I'll make Esdeath 21. Hope you enjoy!

*Your P.O.V.*

          I walk down the pathway to my favorite sweet shop. It wasn't my favorite because of the sweets or the owner, even though the sweets are amazing and the owner is nice, but it's my favorite because I get to see the general there. Her name is Esdeath, but she never notices me.. but I'm ok with that as long as I get to see and watch her.                    

          As I get closer to the building I see a group of boys in the front. I really didn't like interacting with others, especially boys. So I decided to turn to my left and take an old dirt pathway to the back door of the shop. (F/n) (in this case (f/n) means favorite name), the shop owner, knew I didn't like talking to many people so he/she is cool with me coming in the back door.

          I get to the back door unnoticed and walked in immediately being greeted by (F/n). He/she welcomed me with a big hug, then let me go and pushed me towards the shop telling me to take anything I would like. I spotted two things that looked amazing and I crabbed them before walking to the cash register. (F/n) didn't like it when I paid for what I took, but it felt wrong of me to just take something so I opened the cash register and put my money in myself.

          "I'm ready to pay," I jumped hearing a voice as some candy was placed on the counter. When I looked up to see who it was I froze..

           "Y-yo-you're Es-Esd-Esdeath," I nearly fainted on the spot. She simply nodded not seeming affected at all as she took out the amount of money needed to pay for the things she got. I took the money from her hand and opened the cash register and placed the money in it. Then, I took out a small bag, putting her candy in it before handing it to her. As she took it, her hand accidentally touched mine and my face lit up red.

          Thankfully, she didn't notice and walked out of the shop. Not long after she left the group of boys, that were out front, came walking in, snickering to each other. One of them walked up to me while the others went to look around. When the boy reached me, I shook at his smirk.
          It was so devilish and his voice was like ice as he began talking,"Hey there pretty lady. How about you take off work and come have fun with us?" I shook my head, no, hoping he would leave, but sadly that wasn't the case. He tried to take a step closer, but was stopped by the counter. He whistled through his teeth and his friends started to surround the counter. There was no getting out for me. "Get her!," the first one to come up to me shouted.

          One of the taller ones jumped over the counter, grabbing me by the wrists, and dragged me out from behind the counter. They began talking to each other, but I was so scared that their voices were just mumbles to me. The one holding my wrists dragged me out back, making sure no one saw. There were 4 of them surrounding me, all with the same devilish look on. They said something to me, but I heard a muffled version and couldn't make it out and they started to punch and kick me.

          I don't know how long they continued to do this, but they did eventually stop. When they stopped it was silent, then I heard screams. I slowly opened my eyes to see what had happened and I watched as the boys 'danced' as they tried to dodge ice spikes. I tried to find the source of the ice and what I saw amazed me.  Her long, light blue hair danced in the wind and her blue eyes sparkling with amusement.

           It was amazing watching her. She was amazing. She is Esdeath. The one I fell for all those years ago, when we first met. When she finally let her hand fall to her side, letting the ice fade, the boys ran past her as fast as they could. I couldn't fight the smile that came to my face as they ran off. Slowly, Esdeath walked up to me giving me her hand and she helped me up.

          She eyed me up and down looking at my injuries, but I couldn't stop myself from blushing, especially once she started talking,"Are you ok, (Y/n)?"

          My (e/c) eyes flew open hearing her call my name,"How did you know my name?"

          She smirked, but unlike the boys' her's was.. sweet,"I remember you. At one point in time you were my all, without even knowing it," I tilt my head, in confusion, letting her continue,"When we first met I couldn't get you off my mind. I was always watching you and protecting you".

          I was shocked hearing this and I knew my face showed it when she smiled in content. She leaned down to my height and gently kissed my lips. At first I didn't kiss back thinking I was dreaming, but when she pulled away and met my lips again I kissed back. This wasn't a dream, but it WAS my dream come true.

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