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"Would you like to go out with me?" Draco's question roamed Chloe's mind like a wildfire. The cunning slytherin had presented Chloe with a mind numbing question without even realizing it. 

Chloe had been laying on her bed for the past ten minutes, wondering what she should do. She sighed loudly and sat up. What am I going to do? She asked herself. 

It's not that she doesn't like Draco. She fancies him very much, thank you. It just that not all of her relationships have ended well. And being in a relationship with Draco sounds... tempting, but very scary. But Chloe knew that she couldn't just disregard his inquiry. 

His question shocked Chloe a bit, but she couldn't deny the fact, that they had chemistry. Although she'd kinda expected the question to pop out of his mouth some day, it still bedazzled her that he would ask her out

Chloe rubbed her eyes. 

"Let me think about it?!" Chloe blurted out, when Draco asked her. She feels kinda bad. Draco seems like it'd be easy for him to ask anyone out, but she knew to think "better" of him. It's probably making him crazy just waiting for her response. And she really wanted to go out with him. He's so nice to her most of the time, even though she's a half-blood. 

She slowly sat up and left her dorm room. 

I'll just say yes! How hard can it be? She thought as she calmly walked out of the Hufflepuff common room, grabbing a cookie from a nearby tray that said 'Take one!' on her way out. The cookie made her feel better and a bit more confident. Sweets always made her feel better.

It was evening, so Draco was probably down in the dungeons, so that's where Chloe headed. She skipped down the stairs cheerily. She was getting more and more excited at the thought of going out with Draco, thus getting more happy. 

Luckily to her, Draco and his gang were apparently just getting in their common room. 

"Draco!" Chloe shouted to get his attention. Draco turned around as soon as his name left Chloe's lips. His face lit up and he took a few steps towards Chloe as she quickly walked up to him.  She didn't fail to notice Pansy's sour face as she came over to them. So she did what she's good at. 

"'Ello, Pansy! Good to see you again!" she chirped. Pansy gave her a crooked smile and huffed. Draco snickered.

"You guys can go, I'll come in in a few." he said to Pansy and Blaze, who turned around and went in. 

"That hufflepuff girl is crazy..." Chloe heard Pansy mutter, to which Chloe smiles. 

"I think she likes me." Chloe said definitely. Draco smiled down at her and hummed as approval. 

"So, did you have something to say to me?" he asked. Chloe gulped and nodded, fidgeting his arms. 

"About that date proposal...?" she said, almost asking. For a moment Draco seemed surprised, but shook it off in a matter of seconds. 

"Yeah?" he said, some hopefulness in his voice, but clearly trying to not sound like it. Chloe looked at his face and then down quickly. Draco tried to look at her face. "Is something wrong, love?" 

Chloe's heart thumped when he called her love. She twirled her brown hair around her finger. "I¨m just... a bit scared." she confessed. Draco cocked his head. 

"Why?" he asked very carefully, placing a hand softly on her shoulder. Chloe smiled at how gentle Draco was with her. As if she'd break if he touched her too hard. Chloe lifted her head and smiled shakily. 

"It's just that not all of my relationships have been that good..." she shook her head. "I know it's a bit stupid, but I can't help him." 

"No, it's not stupid, love." he said. "It's rational. I mean, it's not like my reputations the best here." Draco laughed bitterly. Chloe giggled with him. Draco loved her laugh. He would belittle himself to the ground every single day, just to hear her laugh.  

"So, want to give it a go?" he asked her. Chloe smirked up at him.

"Of course, Malfoy." she said. Draco's face lit up and he clearly tried to hide his excitement. 

"Great." he smiled. 

"I'll see you then!" Chloe chirped, got up to her tiptoes and gave Draco a kiss on his cheek. "Goodnight, love." 

She turned around and skipped away. Draco smirked as he looked at her as she left the dungeons. He turned around a light pink dusting his cheeks. 


Long time no see, stranger! Hope you liked this one if you made it this far. Sorry I've been so absent! I'm not saying that this will chance, but I'm trying to get these requests done. 

Sorry that this is a bit shorter than my other fics, I couldn't really come up with anything good and I didn't want to force it. 

@ChloeMalfoy223, hope this is good enough!


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