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"I can't believe you schooled them all," I spoke in amazement as I placed the steak on Darius' plate.

"Well they needed to know who their boss was, I'm surprised you even found it amusing since your best friend Xavier also got the brunt of it." He plopped a piece of the meat in his mouth and began to chew.

I lifted my gaze to meet his eyes, twinkling in delight at the frown planted on my face. "He's not my best friend and anyway, I just found it annoying how they were all saying those things-"

"Finally getting feelings for me now," he raised his bushy brows and licked the sauce around his lips.

Gosh he was such a tease and annoying at the same time. "It's called having empathy, and no I'm not falling for you if that's what you mean." I shook my head at his silly behaviour, "I think I preferred you when you were more hostile towards me." I sighed and placed the pan in the dishwasher, too tired to do any work.

"Hostile?" The deep tone of his voice spoke in surprise, "you mean you're a masochist?"

I turned on my bare heels and caught the smile playing on his lips, "what? No!"

I heaved out a sigh, feeling flustered and pushed my glasses back.

He cleared his throat, "aren't you going to eat?" He asked, causing a few strings in my heart to pluck, what was wrong with me?

Not long ago, I hated this man. The very man who had created his own contract just to torment me of my worthlessness and now here I am making him a hearty dinner whilst having quite a normal conversation, albeit a little x rated for my tastes.

I scratched the back of my head and thought if I should tell him about Xavier, and how he wanted to meet up tonight. I sighed, "about dinner," wait why was I so nervous about telling him, I shouldn't worry- it was my life.

His head perked away from his phone, a fork in one hand whilst he looked on at me in confusion. Waiting for my answer.

"Do you need me to do anything else, as in sort your clothes out for tomorrow, get you any documents . . . "

I bit down on my lip and heard him sigh.

He shook his head, causing his tousled hair to dance to and fro. "No, you're done for tonight." He smirked - oh God what was he thinking?

"Good, I-"

That was when I heard the sound of my "kick" ringtone, beckoning me to my call. Darius looked amused at the old brick in my hand, "what I like the classics." I pouted and looked at the phone, puzzled at the unknown number.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey, Elisa it's me Xavier." His chirpy tone spoke through the phone.


I turned and saw Darius tense, his jaw taunt, the clattering of the fork against the plate did little to get rid of the unnerving feeling rising in the pits of my stomach.

" . . .ermm what's up?" I asked sheepishly, looking up at the dark, hazel eyes as they bore into me. I cleared my throat and almost scurried out of the kitchen when a large, warm hand grabbed me by the arm.

"You can talk here," the sonorous tone sang viciously through the air.


"Elisa, you still there?"

I chuckled nervously, my eyes still on the beast in front of me, "y-yeah, sorry I was just surprised that's all."

He laughed and replied, "yeah sorry about that. I found your information in your application form, I know I should have asked- hope you don't mind." He said, I assumed apologetically.

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