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   "Dr Smith, your next patient is here. Shall I let her in?" His assistant asked. Smith rubbed his hands tiredly, took a deep breath and nodded his head politely at the young man. His next patient entered the room sulkily. She was a beautiful teenager with blonde hair and blue eyes.

  They smiled at each other. He started asking her the basics. Her name was Leah and she was from South California. The therapist cleared his throat and asked: "Leah, you seem normal and comfortable enough, what are you here for?"

  She shook her head in disappointment and said: " No offense sir, but you're just like everyone else. They judge a book by its cover. Sir, I hate my life and I so badly want to end it."

    So the girl is suicidale, he thought. And so began the therapy sessions and the calming medicines. In the end of the second year, Smith remarked Leah wasn't showing progress, actually she was getting worse! So he told her once: " You know Leah? Maybe life isn't for everyone."

   She has just smiled at him, she already knew there was no hope. To be able to love life, she needed someone to fight for her and with her. But she was alone. The same day Leah commited suicide.


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