Mythology Methodology

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Spoilers ahead: P.s. its boring so don't read if you don't want to.
As the story progresses this section will be updated. So if you do enjoy knowing the reason why, come back often.

As you may have noticed this story is based heavily off classic mythology. This section is a reference for my more eager readers.

If you are an intuitive reader or know the mythology there are spoilers ahead. This story is a collection of my science fiction interpretation of well known short stories from classic greco-roman mythology.

It is also important to note; that, while I do take many artistic liberties I do try to remain true to the character traits of the mythology as well as the aspects of Roman Culture mentioned in the book..

E.g. Originally the love interest was Apollo since he is the more popular option. However, in the mythology he is a murderous man slut. So he's not the most endearing character. However, Hades was a staunchly loyal and often misunderstood husband to the goddess Persephone.

The DNA of the story:
Hades and Persephone: the original beauty and the beast.

Persephone was a goddess in her own right but her mother cherished her deeply and kept her hidden. Persephone was actively sought out by suitors for her beauty: but, due to the zealous nature of her mother no one could get close.

Until Hades. Hades fell in love with Persephone and kidnapped her as she was tending to her garden. Persephone was a gifted botanist which is why she is always associated with spring and the bringing of life. The perfect balance to Hades lord of the underworld.

Hades cherished Persephone and refused to allow her to leave. One day he allowed her to escape but she ate a few small seeds of a pomegranate as she left. For every seed she ate she had to spend one month in the underworld each year. Which enabled her to visit every spring. It is believed that world mourned Persephone's absence which is why we have winter.

Beauty and the beast: we all know the classic fairy tale. The bones of this are that belle grows to love someone despite their appearance. She is smart and gentile enough to see the beauty within. In my story the beast is Hades.

While cast as Ian Somerhalder, he is still scary looking at first glance. Especially if you consider the perspective of someone who grew up in a culture that is so attentive to physical differences that they actually change someone's name based off of them. So while he does have the look of Ian Smolderhalder (yes I know that is spelled wrong I am having fun with it) she still has to look past the glowing hair and anger issues to find and appreciate the gentle soul hidden beneath.

O.M.G. Cornelia and Cornelius could I be lazier? Actually no. As confusing as that is it's not lazy it's deliberate. In Roman Culture names are incredibly important. There is a name given at birth but, often it will change grow based off personal accomplishments. This practice was only allowed for men. Women were given the feminine version of their father's name.

For Example Gaius Julius Caesar:

Praenomen:Gaius is expressed as a gaudio parentum, meaning that the name Gaius stems from the Latin verb gaudere ("to rejoice", "to be glad").

Nomen: Julius or iulius-was based off of his ancestry

Cognomen: Caesar Always associated with Descended Divinity, a title that emperors often chose to associate themselves with. (See you learned something new!)

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