Chapter 17

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Chapter 17


I felt myself gently shaken awake.  "Finn, baby, time to wake up."  Nico called out to me.  I opened my eyes and he was sitting next to me already dressed in his workout clothes.  "It's seven baby, there's a shake on your night table, be ready to go to the gym at 7:30."  He looked at me tentatively and I tried to read his expression.  There was almost a hint of sadness that was gone before I could look any closer.  He started to get up.

"Master!"  I quickly called and he sat back down.  I leaned up and gave him a hug, "Good Morning," I breathed into his shoulder as he hugged me back.  He seemed to let out a silent sigh of relief as I felt his shoulders relax.

"Good Morning," he replied with one last squeeze before he stood up.  I reached over for my protein shake and took a big gulp.

When I looked back in his direction he had stopped in the doorway and was looking back.  "This is awesome!" I said before taking another long swig, "mmmm…." I added at the sweetness of fresh guava, mango and pineapple.  He chuckled and went back out the door.

When I was dressed and ready to go at precisely 7:30, Nico met me in the living room with a couple of water bottles and we headed down to the gym together.  I was a little sore from last night, more sore than after the first time.  He had been a lot rougher, but I didn't mind.  He was really sexy when he went all beast-like and the discomfort was worth it.  I had been so turned on by him that I couldn't see straight!  Shit!  I had to think of something else quick before he noticed my hard on.

"I can't remember, are we cardio or weights today?" I asked him. 

"Cardio," he replied as he programmed both my and his treadmill.  I could do that sort of stuff myself, but he liked doing it for me so I didn't make a fuss.  It felt kind of nice to have someone take care of me for once.

He was a lot more quiet than usual and I wasn't sure if he just wanted it that way and I should be quiet too or if I should try to fill in the conversation we usually had.  I figured I'd find some middle ground so I made a bit of conversation every now and then and then sometimes I would ask him about the island where his home was.

"How big is the island?" I asked once we were on that topic.

"It's about 3 miles wide by 12 miles long.  Most of its farmland, there's a village with a few stores, outdoor market, a small medical clinic, schoolhouse, church and my house is on the southwest shore."

"Wow! Cool!  I can't wait to see it!" I admitted.

"Soon, we have about another week and a half until we get to Miami, we'll be there just for a few days and then we'll head home.  We'll be in Miami for the fourth of July!  They always have a big celebration and parade for the 4th," he told me.

After our run Nico texted the captain to prepare for our departure and by the time we had stretched and done some sit ups and push ups, we could feel the anchors coming up.  We went out on deck and watched as we left Puerto Vallarta.  I scoured the bay for whales, I think I saw something but wasn't quite sure.  "Whale season is really December to March baby, I'll bring you back next winter and we can use sonar to find them."

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