Two weeks had past and it was finally time to fly to Florida for Playlist Live. After grabbing all of my things I set off for the airport with Caspar. We then met up with all the Youtubers, except for Jim, Tanya and Niomi, and we got some food before our flight. Once on the plane I sat down next to Caspar and decided to watch some films. After the long flight we arrived in Florida and we were all very tried so we just went to sleep ready for dinner.

The next day was extremely sunny. I had dreamt of Elena again, but this time it was a happy ending which put me in a positive mood, but yet I still missed her so much. I spent the morning in the gym with Marcus, Alfie and Caspar before going to the pool with them.  Although they were all texting someone and they wouldn't tell me who it was, I wonder what they're up to? Jim, Tanya and Niomi also arrived that day but Zoe and Louise and Tanya kept disappearing from the hotel to go somewhere. Something suspicious was going on and I wanted to know what, but I just let it go and pretended that I didn't notice. However Zoe did notice that I was being quiet. "You okay Joe?" She wondered. I nodded. She looked at me with pure disbelief, she always looked straight through me. "Okay, okay, I'm just confused about some of your behaviour with the others that's all." I admitted. She told me not to worry and walked away. I tried not to, but it was quite hard not to worry when your friends are leaving you out of things and keeping secrets, in fact it really sucked, I wanted it to end. As I was a bit annoyed I decided to leave everyone and go to bed to sleep it off.

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