Chapter Five

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Gabi: of course.
Sammy: let me give you my number.
Gabi: okay.
Sammy: great um, 6:30 I'll wait for you at the restaurant how about that?
Gabi: that's wonderful and yes I'll go.

Sammy hugged Gabi as she hugged Sammy back.

Sammy: take care & see you tomorrow.
Gabi: see ya!

Gabi walked back home with a smile on your face.

Gabi sister asks " well someone put you in a happy mood Gabi?"

Gabi: I've meet someone and his name is Sammy.
Jane: what? Really?
Gabi: yes really Jane ( jumping with excitement)
Jane: that's great that you meet someone new.
Gabi: indeed it is . I can't wait for tomorrow as she was going upstairs.
Jane: why? ( she shouted)
Gabi:  he is taking me on a date tomorrow.
Jane: wow? Is he cute?
Gabi: heyyy! Don't try to ruin this by trying to hit him up too.
Jane: calm down, Gabi I'm not trying to steal your date.

Gabi's phone rings

Gabi: omg it's Sammy! ( surprised)
Jane : well answer it girl.

Gab answered the call

Sammy: hello?
Gabi: h- hello?
Sammy: is this Gabi?
Gabi looked at Jane
Jane nodded her head up and down.

Gabi: y-yes this is her.
Sammy: great hahahahaha
Gabi: so? Wyd?
Sammy: here at my house watching tv and thinking about someone.
Gabi: wow she must be special?
Sammy: just like you hehehehe
Gabi: awww do you mean it?
Sammy: yes I really do mean it deeply inside my heart I do.
Gabi: thats really sweet of you.
Sammy: well I'm just making my date happy.
Gabi: you're such a gentleman.
Sammy: thanks I really appreciate it.
Gabi: sighs, I can't wait for tomorrow.
Sammy: same here, I'm just missing you like crazy.
Gabi: aww
Sammy: I'm serious no joke.
Gabi: damn I never knew that you are so deep hard like me.
Sammy: that's because you are beautiful.
Gabi: oh stop (blushes)
Sammy: I bet you are blushing and giggling.
Gabi: how did you know?
Sammy : the way you are giggling hahaha.

Sammy and Gabi have been talking on the phone till night time .

Sammy: I had a lot of fun talking to you.
Gabi: same here.
Sammy: well I'll let you sleep. I don't want you to loose sleep because of me.
Gabi: okay well goodnight Sammy.

Gabi hangs up the phone and starts smiling running around the room.

Gabi was thinking about what to wear on the first date. She hopes that Sammy will love the outfit.

Gabi got a text from Sammy.

Sammy: what is your insta? I want to like all of your pics
Gabi give him her insta username.
Sammy: thank you so much cutie.
Gabi: you are welcome now go to sleep handsome.
Sammy: lolz okay captain Wonder Woman!!!
Gabi: you are very funny.

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