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Your kingdom.

"My king-gdom" I stuttered.

He only nodded his head. I wanted to say a lot of things, so many questions, but is he willing to answer?

"What were you doing there?" I tried to coax him in answering me. But he only shook his head grimly.

"That is something for me, to not tell you" His answer made my blood boil.

"So why did you decided to provide me that little information earlier" I questioned keeping my voice as calm as before.

"So you would be at ease, Anastasia, there are thing which you don't know, things that has been happening behind these four walls, but know that they are not bad. And to put your heart and mind at peace, I am saying all of this"

Not Bad.

That word kept playing in my head, things are not that bad behind these four walls, is this really a ray of sunshine? Can I really take the risk of hoping that everything would be fine, everything would be back to normal?

Yes, I should.

Because now I really have something to believe. Even only a statement though.

I nodded my head in his direction and stood from where I was sitting. He too stood up and looked at me with questioning gaze.

"I think it's time I head back" To which he only nodded and I made my way inside the castle, but not taking the normal route towards my chambers, but towards the library. I don't know how I forgot the library, but I know that is the only thing that will give me peace for now. I entered the library, making my way to the forbidden section, a section I always love reading. I know it is not right for me to dwell myself in the mysteries of love, it is not where the interest of a princess or any noble lady should lies, but still I want to read them, live in that fantasies of someone which I knew never existed, I read them because I know I will never get my own.

Choosing a book from the shelf, I made my way to the chair, opening the book I dwell into the lives of the person that are going to somehow get their happily ever after.

I felt some weight being lifted off of from me. I slowly opened my eyes to see black orbs connected with mine. I smiled at the person, knowing fully of my surroundings. He too looked at me with the same smile, eyes crinkling from the sides, showing how true his smile is. Grabbing his offered hand, he lifted me up from the chair in which I was sitting before, somehow I slept while reading the book, I looked towards his other hand only to find the book in his hand.

My eyes again connected with his and somehow the distance between us finished, even before we could lift a feet to get closer. So close, noses almost touching, his breath fanning my face, while I could even hear his heart thumping in his chest, sure to the fact that he could listen to mine too. I looked towards him from my lashes only to see him looking at me with such intensity that I could have changed into a puddle and fell down, if it wasn't for his hands grabbing me through my waist, making us come closer with each other more if that was even possible.

Our breaths mingled, and soon our lips collided, eyes closing to their own record. The sensation bringing a foreign feeling within me. Something I have never felt before, like I had been complete. Enjoying the new sensation, I moved my lips with his, gently, softly, we moved our lips with each other. Licking onto my lower lip, he demanded for entrance but I only smiled in the kiss, and kept my mouth shut. Soon enough, he bit onto my lip softly and I opened my mouth.

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