Post your story here!

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Hello readers! (well, actually I'll be the reader but ... Well, yeah.)

I have made this book thingy here to appreciate the work of others here on wattpad. Therefore, I ask you all to post a comment here with THE LINK ( too lazy to go searching...) of a story you really really liked (could be your own) and I'll try to get round to reading it. Please do bear in mind that I'll read the stories recommended by those who didn't write it first (since that's fairer). Also, the more you comment, the more your chances of me reading it! A bit like a prize draw. Also - please know that if I find a good story I have a disconcerting habit of stalking the author till they FINISH THE BOOK. Hee Hee I'm evil like that. Mwah ha ha ha ha ha *coughs violently*.

So yeh, go for it feel free to post your stories and look forward to detailed responses and a new obsessed freak that will comment daily until you finish the book.

PLEASE NOTE I ABSOLUTELY HATE PPL WHO LEAVE UNFINISHED STORIES - its like dying halfway through an epic film. Please don't tell me to read it.

Also, naturally I assume that all pretty, funny, warm hearted, kind, striking main characters are me whilst reading any good book (what? It makes the book interesting...) and so I'm not very pleased when the main character dies. No, just no.

So that's enough of my rant! Go on, post your stories!