Chapter Three

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Frimzy: I need to go babe. See ya tomorrow?
Frimzy: message me later if you can.
Sophiie: okay weirdo.
Frimzy: hahaha bye.

*Frimzy went home but Gabi is still home*

Gabi: Hey baby.
Frimzy: aye gabi.
Gabi: you don't look good frimzy.
Frimzy: im not okay, I'm hiding secrets.
Gabi: talk to me.
Frimzy: sighs I love you, but I'm in love with another girl more.
Gabi: ohh it's okay I know it but I just don't want to believe it.
Frimzy: Uhhh Its Sophiie, im sorry I love you but she owns my heart.
Jane: Hey bro what happened???
Gabi: He fell in love with another girl and I'm happy when he is happy Frimzy. We are still friends right? If she hurts you I'll kick her ass.
Jane: who is her?
Frimzy: it's Sophiie and thanks Gabi, yea we are still friends. If you need something I'm here for you.
Gabi: Ik Frimzy just go to Sophiie
Frimzy: are you sure?
Gabi: yeah I'm sure. She is the love of your life and she puts a smile on your face.
Frimzy: alright thank you for understanding. Well I gotta get going.
Gabi: alright.

* It was already 12:01 am and Sophiie is sleeping.*
Frimzy: Sophiie?! I need to talk to you!
Sophiie: what? - in sleepy voice -
Frimzy: I need to talk with you!!
Sophiie: Come In!!
Frimzy went inside her house.
Frimzy: Sit down it's important!
Sophiie: okay I'm sitting. Talk.
Frimzy: i- i- I love you.
Sophiie: wat?
Frimzy: Ik you dont feel the same way it's okay.
Sophiie: wait??!
Frimzy: wat?
Sophiie: I love you too..
Frimzy: will you be my girlfriend??
Sophiie: what about Gabi?
Frimzy: well she said you're happy then she's happy.
Sophiie: yes, I'll be your girlfriend!
Frimzy: omg I'm the luckiest man of the world
Sophiie: I love you

*Frimzy push Sophiie on the bed*

Frimzy: I'll will give you the best night of your life.
Sophiie: ohh I'm sure
Frimzy: ahahaha can I show you how much I want you?
Sophiie: oh really? Show me now?

*Frimzy started kissing her neck*

Sophiie moaned.
Sophiie : omg Frimzy
Frimzy: your wet.
Sophiie: you made me wet.
Frimzy started to take off her shirt and start to kiss her lips harder.
Sophiie: what are you doing Frimzy?
Frimzy: im making my dream into a reality.
Sophiie: hahahaha

Frimzy undresses her and she takes off his shirt and pants.

Frimzy put her down and started to lick her body

Sophiie: oh my lord stop it Frimzy, I don't feel good u know I'm virgin.
Frimzy : I know baby but....
Sophiie: shhh it's okay.
Frimzy: I will do it comfortable for you.

Frimzy started to kiss her even harder.

Sophiie: fuck me Now!

Frimzy: your wish is my command.

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