Chapter Two

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Sophiie: where are we going?
Frimzy: ummm idk.
Sophiie: Stop kidding! Where are we going?
Frimzy: Well we are going at my friends studio and then we can go to the park.
Sophiie : okay great so let's go I want to walk.
Frimzy: alright.

* Some paparazzis we're taking pictures of frimzy and Sophiie.*

Sophiie: Frimzy???
Frimzy: I'll hide you.
Sophiie: I hate paparazzis let's run to the studio.
Frimzy: good idea.

*Sophiie and Frimzy ran to the studio and hide so that the paparazzis can't see them*

Sophiie: fucking paps
Joaquin: Did they hurt Sophiie?
Frimzy: no, but I'm afraid that Gabi is gonna see the news and believes that Sophiie is my new gf!
Joaquin: problems for you bad boy.
Frimzy: Ik I'm fucking worried!!
Sophiie: wtf! Check this out?
Frimzy: Frimzy with a new mystery girl? Or new girlfriend?
Frimzy: holyshit!!!!!
Issac: but wtf they did
Sophiie: can we do something?
Frimzy: no.
Sophiie: Well i don't fucking know, Frimzy you are an asshole. Why did you take my head on your chest?
Frimzy: I was hiding you from them.
Joaquin: oops Frimzy it's your fault.
Frimzy: anyway
Joaquin: Frimzy can I talk to you just a moment?
Frimzy: okay bruh.

*frimzy and Joaquin went somewhere private*

Joaquin: why you did it?
Frimzy: you know Joaquin, I love her.
Joaquin: but you have a girlfriend!
Frimzy: Ik it is too strong, I'm trying to stop but I can't.
Joaquin: mmmhmm bruhhh it's so complicated.
Frimzy: I want her, I need her, but she is not mine.
Joaquin: so you don't want your girlfriend?
Frimzy: nahh I don't.
Joaquin: Did you ever fuck her?
Frimzy: yes
Joaquin: how did you feel?
Frimzy: Just sex nothing more I don't have any feelings.
Joaquin: serious problem man.
Frimzy: Ik lets go back with Sophiie before she gets suspicious.
Joaquin: okay.

* In the moment a message popped up on Frimzy's cellphone*

Joaquin: Gabi messaged you.
Frimzy: oh really?
Joaquin: yeah.
Frimzy checks Gabi's message
Joaquin: what she say?
Frimzy: she wants me
Joaquin: bro go to her and tell Gabi how you feel. Leave Sophiie here and come back.
Frimzy: are you an idiot?
Joaquin: no I'm not but you are jose I see that u want her.
Frimzy: yeah I want her but I don't want to cheat on my girlfriend!!!

*joaquin and Frimzy went back where Sophiie was*

Sophiie: Frimzy lets gooo
Frimzy: Ohh okay lets go to the park.
Sophiie: move now.
Frimzy: okay okay.

— on the road —-
Frimzy: Hey shawty?
Sophiie: ya?
Frimzy: im tired
Sophiie: me 2
Frimzy: what do you want to do?
Sophiie: lets go to my house and watch movies.
Frimzy: awesome, lets go!
Sophiie: But first lets go to the store to buy some things.
Frimzy: okay.

*They made it to Sophiie's house*
Frimzy: push Sophiie on the wall
Sophiie: what are you doing?
Frimzy: im sorry, no I'm not sorry.
Sophiie: your weird.
Frimzy: sometimes.
Sophiie: always!!
Frimzy: lolz lets go in.
Sophiie: what movie you want to see?
Frimzy: Giomeo and fucking Juliet!
Sophiie: okay sit on the couch.
Sophiie: why cant I find a guy like Giomeo?
Frimzy: why I can't find a girl like Juliet?
Sophiie: hilarious u have a girlfriend like Juliet lolz
Frimzy: yeah Ik.

* the movie was about to end and Frimzy touched Sophiie's hand*

Sophiie: Frimzy????

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