Hell On Earth. Part 17

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2nd October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Unknown's POV...

I couldn't believe that I found a window of opportunity to get into the girls office and see what she had done with my programs. She might be a very good accountant, but I knew my way around computers and certain programs.

Knocking on the bosses door first to make sure that there was no one present, I quickly crossed the room to the little office where the computer units were set up. While looking at them and the patterns they exhibited, I pulled out a small thumb USB drive and quickly inserted it. While it was downloading, I looked out into the main office to see if anyone was approaching.

I hurried back to the desk where the units were and saw that my little new program was just about installed. The moment it was downloaded, I pulled the little drive out of the unit it had been inserted into and shoved it back in my pocket. Then I bent over and typed on the keyboard another command before I stood up and checked to see that everything was running properly the way it was supposed to before quickly making my way out of the suite of offices.

I decided to act as if I was normally supposed to be there in case I ran into anyone. But there wasn't anyone around that took notice of me and the ones who did just glanced at me like they normally do and dismiss me as of being nothing important to say hello to.

I was back in my own office when the boss came striding back into the office off the elevator with a few of his managers with him. He even waved at me with a smile as he passed me by.

The smile I gave back at him was wide and bright like I normally give him. He doesn't suspect me and he never will. I made sure of it.

Fai's POV...

I entered the office building through the streets carpark so I can drop off my bag into my Forby that I drove in to work for the last week. I couldn't handle the train ride with all the swaying to and fro which was making my nausea worse.

So that first day when I caught the train, I got off at the next station and headed back to Chatswood to retrieve my car which I usually park in the commuters carpark just down from the station. Once I felt my stomach had settled down, I started up the Cruiser and made my way through the route I have memorised and within an hour and a half, I was pulling into the carpark for staff under the office block.

I have been doing this now for a week. It's only marginally easier to handle since I have control. But I don't have control over the stink from other cars that also make me sick as well. But with aircon on, it makes it a little easier to handle and I can get to work.

I have so much to think about with the what the doctors have told me. Cancer and pregnancy! What a double whammy to be confronted with at the same time. Then to be told that the surgery you have regardless of which one, could and probably will cause you to lose the baby you have only just found out you are having.

Should I tell Rem about the baby? I am not sure about that in case I probably do lose it. I was still trying to remember how it happened anyway when he used protection the whole time we were going at it.

But then I remembered one moment in the shower when protection wasn't on hand, so to speak. We were both caught up in the moment and protection was the last thing on our minds when it should have been. For heavens sake, we are considered to be mature aged people. I am now considered to be a mature aged pregnant mother. That itself comes with it's own set of complications.

This is what was running through my brain as I rode the elevator up to the office where I was going to have one last check of those units before heading back to the doctors again. I have more questions that needed answers like was this cancer hereditory and can it be passed on to daughters and after that, I was going to go home and speak to mum and see if there was anyone else in the family that had breast cancer in the past. To protect Ollie in the future, I need to know those answers.

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