Chapter One

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Oh my Jesus I have a girlfriend I love her I think. I'm in love with another girl.
Otman: Who is this girl?
Frimzy: Is it weird but.....
Otman: Let me guess is it Sophiie your best friend?
Frimzy: Exactly isn't that weird?
Otman: Bro u know the heart wants what it wants.
Frimzy: But I love Gabi too what I will do?

* In this moment Gabi came in *

Gabi: Hey babe, hey Otman
Frimzy: Hey Queen
Otman: Aye
Gabi: For what you & Otman are talking about?
Frimzy and Otman: Um thinking what state should we do a meet and greet at.
Gabi: aha alright, babe I'm going up stairs.
Frimzy: ok honey.
Otman: Um bro she is rude I think lolz
Frimzy: hahaha sometimes
Otman: jk bro
Frimzy: u sickass
Otman: Where is Rosy?
Frimzy: in her room.
Otman: oh can I see her?
Frimzy: Suree bruh she is your girlfriend?
Otman: hahaha yeah, I'm going.
Frimzy: okay.
*Frimzy answers a phone call*
Frimzy: hey babe
Sophiie: Hey baby!
Frimzy: would like to have some fun today?
Hahaha sure bish.

Frimzy leaves his phone and Gabi hugs frimzy tight.
Gabi: Hey sexy wanna have some fun?
Frimzy: ohh sorry I need to go home, my mom texted me that she needs help and after I have to go to Sophiie's house.
Gabi: what?? At her house why?
Frimzy: she is just a friend babe.
Gabi: I hate you.
Frimzy: shhhhhh I love you wait for tonight.
Gabi: you bad boii

*Frimzy left the house and drove to Sophiie's house.*

Frimzy: Hey Sophiie are you ready?
Sophiie: yeah I'm ready.
Frimzy: im outside your house.
Sophiie: Im coming.
Sophiie got out of her house.
Frimzy: damn girl!
Sophiie: hahaha thanks.
Frimzy: your welcome beautiful, let's go.

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