Jeez Hestia... plus Irene!

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A.N. above picture is what Miranda would look like fighting with her broadsword, the only thing is her hair isn't that long and her eyes are green c:

3rd POV

" put to death. First, they sided with Persephone when she is clearly the traitor, second they insulted an Olympian."

Gasps were heard all around. For some reason, Hestia was fuming in angry, like literally there's smoke coming out of her ears. But Zeus didn't stop there, no the bastard decided to rub it in,

"Demeter you voted for Persephone's demise, meaning you have no say in this. Hermes, you obstained from the vote so you also have no say in this. No other Olympian has any relation with these two demigods meaning, Olympians, you also have no say in this."

TDBP group was boiling in anger. Travis and Katie were both about to have a panic attack. Katie because it's her fault Miranda was put in this position, Connor because he was Travis brother and she had a crush on Travis. Travis because it was his brother and Miranda's half-sister on the executioner's block.

"What? That's not fair!"

"You can't kill them!"


"Oh, gods..."

"You can't-do that!"

"They deserve to live!"

"They haven't even started dating each other!"

"Sigh... true love.... such a wonderful thing!"

These things and more were being thrown around, but they couldn't do anything as Miranda and Conner were flashed into the middle of the throne room by Athena.

Everyone quieted down, a few were crying but Zeus and Artemis ignored them as Athena flashed back to her throne.

Artemis with a bow and 2 arrows pointed them.

The Olympians who voted for Perci plus Hades, Demeter, and Hermes, have varying facial expressions of anger, sadness, and guilt that they can't-do anything for the demigods.

All the while Miranda and Connor stood confidently staring at Artemis, ready to die, well not really, but the gods didn't need to know that.

Miranda slipped her hand into Connors.

If everyone wasn't so scared, they would've have squealed and cooed at the sigh of affection.

Zeus raised his master bolt and touched the two arrows loaded in Artemis's bow with it.

Pouring power into the arrows.

Artemis fingers let go of the string.

Everything was happening in slow motion.

Connor pulled Mir closer to him.

10 meters away.

7 meters away.

Their hands tighten their holds on each other.

4 meters.

They close their eyes, practically feeling the lightning arrows.

2 meters away.

ZLLLAAAAZZZZZPPPP. The sound of an arrow hitting something, and that something being thoroughly electrocuted. A big explosion of dust and debris hiding the two now assumed dead demigods.

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