Part 28 - Boxed in

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The next morning we began to plan how we would clear the courtyard that lead into the prison "Don't break ranks, we stick together and we'll be fine" Beth, Hershel, Carol and Carl began to bang on the fence like before, drawing the walkers away form us and picking them off through the fence. Rick opened the gate and we all huddled together and entered the courtyard. One at a time we would leave the group, walk forward and either hit or shoot a walker then move backwards and join the group again. After about 15 minutes we had cleared 90% of the courtyard. Rick ran forward to closed the other gate which had a massive herd of the dead contained with in it. Someone had grabbed me from behind, I lunged forward and turned around, it was a walker but he was dressed head to toe in riot gear. There were two more Riot walkers behind it. I stabbed it, whacked it and even shot it but it didn't work, its bullet proof vest and helmet were protecting it. The riot walker was about to snatch me up when Tom pushed past me and shoved his knife through the bottom of its head, sending it to the ground. I looked at Tom who was breathing deeply whilst still looking at the dead walker. "Thank you... Tom" he kept his gaze on the walker but nodded, he grabbed a hold of my hand and gave it a little squeeze. I turned to see that the other walkers had been killed and the courtyard was clear.

"Well, it looks secure" I said out of breath, I studied my surroundings and looked at all the walkers we had killed, then to the separate courtyard teaming with walkers, snapping and biting at the fence to get through to us. "Look... that's a civilian..." Daryl pointed to a walker in the courtyard, she was dressed in a blue floral dress and a lemon cardigan. She definitely wasn't an inmate. "So the interior could be over run by walkers from outside the prison" Tom chimed in, questioning what Daryl had said. "Well, if there's walls down, then, what are we gonna do? We can't rebuild this whole place" I added, questioning what Daryl and Tom had pointed out. "We can't risk a blind spot...We have to push in" Rick added answering mine and Toms questions. Okay then let's clear this place out. We cracked open the lock leading in to what looked like a cell block. We got our weapons ready and burst in waiting to come face to face with more walkers. The cell block was empty... there was no one here, there would probably be some in the cells. I ran upstairs and began to scan each cell, a walker lunged towards me, sticking his arms trough the bars trying to grab at me. I pulled my knife out and pierced it through the walkers head, it fell on the floor with a loud thud.

"What do you think? Home, sweet, home?" Glenn joked making me smirk a bit. "For the time being It's secure, well this cell block is" Rick replied looking around at the cells. "In the morning, we'll find the cafeteria and infirmary, for now we'll sleep in the cells" he continued and walked over to on other door which o assumed lead into a mess area. "I ain't sleeping in no cage" Daryl declared and ran upstairs to the perch, I believe its called. I ran back down the stairs and called everyone in.

Daryl had collected Flashbangs and CS Triple-Chasers from the the riot walkers from outside.

"Not sure how they'd work on walkers, but we'll take it" Daryl hooked a flash bang to his belt, he picked up a bullet proof vest with his fore finger and thumb, and looked at it with disgust. "I ain't wearing this shit" I chuckled "Besides, we made it this far without 'em, right?" Daryl smirked and dropped the vest back on to the table, still staring at it as if it were something dead.

"Let's go" Rick clapped his hands together and we grouped up in pairs and stuck together like we did when we cleared out the courtyard. I went up front with Rick, Glenn was with Maggie, Hershel was with Tom and Daryl was at the back by himself. Beth, Carl and Carol stayed behind to care for baby Judith.

We walked thought the endless twists and turns of the tombs that's surrounded the cell block we were situated in. Glenn had been spray painting an arrow on each wall we had past so we could find out way out. We turned another corner to reveal a mass of walkers, they began to turn around and acknowledge out existence . "Go back! Move! - Walkers!" Rick and I began to scramble against the group to get them moving back out of the tombs. We began to twist and turn the way we came, Rick and I managed to get to the front and lead the group out.

After a while of running and shining our flashlights at the walls to find the arrows that Glenn had painted on we were lost, Rick and I turned to see that we had been split up from the group. I turned to Rick in fear that the herd of walkers could be here any minute. There was a scream, it was a male voice. Out of instinct I ran towards the sound, after some more twists and turns, I saw Hershel on the floor grabbing at his legs. Oh god no. Rick and I picked up Hershel and ran. We turned the corner to see the rest of the group, we could hear the growls and snarls of walkers behind us. We ran until we came across two double doors, which we burst through. "Go! Go! Get in! Shut the door!" I yelped whilst still holding Hershel up. "Hold him down" Rick told us, he walked away and came back with an axe, we did as we were told and held Hershel down. "There's only one way to keep you alive" Rick lifted Hershel's trouser leg with one hand and lifted the axe with the other. Rock began to hack at Hershel's bitten limb repeatedly until it was off completely. The room was filled with Hershel's screams of pain, I looked down at his severed leg "Oh my god he's bleeding out!" I screamed, seeing Hershel's face go white, his eyes began to close, we needed to get him back... and quick. I kept tapping Hershel's face to keep him awake. "Holy shit man who the fuck are they?" I shot my glance across the room from Hershel's leg. Four men in blue jumpsuits were behind some sort of shutter staring at us. Who were they?... I don't care, we need to get Hershel back to the cell block if we have any chance at saving his life.

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