Formal Introductions

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It was midnight, and Calum was stuck working the late–night shift at work. He was held responsible by his manager, and had to close the shop up by one. He was exhausted and emotionally drained from his loss of sleep the following night. Too much studying got in the way of his schedule, and now he was practically falling asleep at the register. Luckily, it was ten minutes to one and there weren't any customers regulating the streets, so he closed everything up early.

Which for him, was a big mistake.

He locked the register up with a key, flipped the 'open' sign to 'closed' and locked the front door of the shop, shutting everything off entirely. The city was silent, but he didn't mind it. This was normal for him, so he began to enjoy it. He threw his hands in his pockets, did a little walk–and–skip to gain a little bit of energy, and he whistled. He wasn't trying to be loud, but the silence drove him relatively crazy.

However, silence would have been much better.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shadow moving at the speed of possibly an animal. He stopped in his tracks, then pulled his phone out. Calum scrolled up on his phone and clicked on the flashlight option, instantly lighting up the area around him. He didn't want to be stupid by saying 'hello, anyone there?', but that's exactly what he did.

Silence proceeded to follow behind him, so he just shrugged his shoulders, shut the flashlight off and continued to walk home. He was fine for two minutes at most until he heard something shuffling around him.

Maybe it's just the trees was his initial thought, but the wind wasn't even blowing. It could have been a raccoon or a bear or something. Nothing that bad ever happens in this city, aside from possibly being mugged. He continued to shrug it off, but then he heard breathing. The sound of a human breathing. Calum looked around, spinning in a slow circular motion, before facing forward again. He was starting to feel slightly afraid, so he picked up his pace.

He was getting further and further away from the noise as he walked faster, which really, helped make him feel safer. That was until he felt somebody's hand touching him. Calum could feel his heart racing inside of his chest, but he tried not to show it. He looked back, attempting to feel brave, but he immediately regretted it.

Dark, black eyes, red veins popping out below his eyes, fangs. He's seen this all before.

Out of panic, he kicked the male in front of him and tried to run and hide, but he was no match. The lad had already caught up to him. He must not have felt pain. Why would he?

Calum took a deep breath. His sister would tell him to be strong, and so would his best friend. He had to do it for them, but he couldn't.

"Get away from me. I'm — I'm not ready to die."

"I'm not here to kill you, Calum." He smiled, the darkness draining from his eyes and his fangs falling back into a normal state of what almost looked human. "I'm here to get to know you."

"How — How do you know my name?" Calum asked, feeling his body shake with every minuscule move he made. His chest was tight, and for a split second, he lost count of his breath and how many times his heart pounded per minute. He couldn't look him in the eye. Calum knew he was dangerous, and he knew what was about to happen. He was going to die.

"I've been watching you for months." He smiled again, though this time, it seemed friendlier. Calum knew that he was creepy. "And I've just been dying to meet you. No pun intended."

Calum gulped. There was a lump in his throat, and all he could do was stare at the body of the silhouette in front of him, which was a lot better and easier than making eye contact. The male had on a dark black coat, cascaded by black jeans, black sneakers, and a grey shirt. He blended in with the night sky, and his true colors were showing through as the darkness continued to override him and his soul. "Lo — Look," Calum looked down at his feet, and his hands were shaking badly, "I mean no harm. I'm only a college student. You know what college students get? Stupid, hour-long exams and debt for the remainder of their lives. I don't want to be in debt, but I also don't want to die. I'm only twenty one. I haven't even graduated yet, or — I — I haven't even met a pretty girl yet. I want to fall in love and have a family and live. Can't you just let me live?"

The male in front of him smiled, almost greedily, and Calum finally made eye contact with him. It was remorseful. His body looked human, but he was also ghostly looking, seeming as though he hadn't eaten in days, or weeks, or perhaps even months. Calum tried to balance himself on the two feet he had, which at this point, he was lucky they were working. He could've made a run for it and could have called for help, but he didn't. He just stood there. Frozen.

"Not going to kill you. I'm not on a psychopathic feeding spree. I'm just here to make a friend." He smiled again, the blonde in his hair falling in front of his face covering a forth of his forehead, nearly reaching his left eye and blocking the contact that was so far stable between the two. He looked angry now. "Can't you just let me make a friend, Calum?"

Calum bit down on his lip. Inside, his heart was sinking, and he felt weak compared to the man standing in front of him. Outside, he wanted to act tough, wanted to act like he knew how to kill a vampire, but he knew nothing. He's heard about these stories, but he didn't think they were real. At least not until he saw one of them feeding on his best friend. His best friend died that night. Calum still isn't over it, and he never will be.

"Who are you?" Calum asked quietly, his voice beginning to shake as he took a further look into the boy lingering near him.

"I'm Michael Clifford." The lad stuck his hand out, then clenched it together when Calum shook his head and refused a proper greeting. Calum closed his eyes, and his mind was racing with thoughts. Michael Clifford. That name sounded awfully familiar, and Calum couldn't put a ring on it.

"I'm sorry, Michael. But I just — I can't do that. Not only for myself, but for my best friend. When he was laying there lifeless, I — I promised him that if I ever saw a vampire in this town again, I'd kill them. So. . I'm sorry, but I can't be your friend. I have to kill you."

Michael laughed, his eyes darkening again. "Calum, as I said, I've been watching you for months. I know your life story. The cold hard truth about what happened to your sister. Wouldn't want that getting out, now would you?" He grinned, then moved his head side to side. "I mean, you'd be crowned 'the bravest guy in town for killing a vampire', but I'll be forever imprinted in your brain. Dead, and stuck in your memories. Playing on repeat over, and over, and over again."

Calum clenched his eyes shut once more, trying to tune Michael out. Everything he was saying was wrong. Calum had to convince himself of that. "No, you're — you're already dead. All it takes is a stake through your heart and you're gone. I'll never have to see you again."

Michael jolted forward, and Calum blinked quickly. His movements were so fast that Calum almost felt dizzy. This guy could catch up to him even if he were to try to run. Calum froze in place, and Michael searched the boy for something, anything — vervain. There wasn't a single ounce of it in sight, which relieved Michael. He placed his hands on Calum's shoulders and looked into his eyes. "You're not going to kill me, and you're not going to be afraid of me. You're going to go home, forget this entire conversation happened, and you're going to forget about my existence."

Michael pat Calum on the shoulders, then he disappeared. Calum blinked and looked around. He couldn't remember any thing, so he continued his walk back home.

It was a long walk, but he got through it because he didn't have anything to be afraid of. For once, Calum was brave, which he thought was his doing, but really, it was only from compulsion.

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— This is sort of supposed to be like 'The Vampire Diaries.' I don't really know how to write about vampires without daylight rings, vervain, etc. So that's why it's kind of like it.

The storyline however isn't going to be the same at all.

What did you guys think? :)

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