chapter 4

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Promptos (pov) 

Blinking open my eyes a bright light shone into them blinding me and blurring everything around me " ow, whats happening " I whispered. I stared at the ceiling for a bit waiting for my sight to come back when something black and blurry got into view. it's voice was muffled and I could barely hear them but I did catch them saying something around the lines of " he's cute, find him, no more foxes , don't....unsanitary, skinny little, weak looking, and pretty eyes". I kept blinking hoping to be able to see and it finally worked. I looked up seeing a boy with black hair leaning over me, a boy with blonde hair and glasses sitting there reading a book , and a dark brown haired boy polishing a knife. " finally awake " I heard the dark brown hair one say stabbing his knife into the table I shot up headbutting the black haired one and retreating to a corner of my bed shifting into a fox. My ears flatted, my eyes narrowed, and my tail puffed out when they came closer. I hissed threatening them not to come closer or I will attack. The black haired boy just sat there and smiled " hey, it's okay we won't hurt you" he said sticking a hand out to me as if he wanted to pet me. I growled louder ' who the hell does he think he is as if I will trust him ' I though bearing my teeth at the boy. The boy with glasses finally looked up from his book and chuckled " no wonder he doesn't trust us, we haven't told who we where " He said standing up and walking closer to me and the Black haired boy. He bowed " Ignis Scientia at you service " he said straitening  up and walking over to dark brown haired boy and smacking his shoulder lightly. The other boy huffed and stood up placing a fist over his heart and bowing " Gladiolus Amicitia also at your service " He then stood up and sat back down in his chair ' these people sound familiar ' I thought relaxing a bit. The black haired boy then also stood up and bowed I had a bad feeling about this one " Noctis Lucis Caelcum son of the king of wolves at your service" he said with a smile " oh fuck" I whispered. 

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