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Pen Your Pride

Save me. ~A Louis Tomlinson love story~

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Chapter One~

"Come on Kirsten, it will be fun, I promise!" Chelsea said pulling her along. 

She had no choice really, she knew Chelsea would win the argument. As always. But she still protested,  

"Chelsea, I don't think this is a very good idea.. I mean, you just got kicked out of your house. And now you want to get into more trouble and go clubbing?"  

"Were not gonna get in trouble stupid! Were just gonna.. Have a little fun, that's all." Chelsea replied, smirking. 

The line for the club quickly got smaller and smaller.Soon, it was their turn to get admitted in.  

"Show your I.D's please" the bodyguard asked.  

They both handed theirs to him and he unlocked the gate. They walked into the club and were quickly overwhelmed by the music, lights, and people. Chelsea saw no one in particular that stood out to her, but Kirsten quickly made her way over to a fit group of guys at the bar. They chatted with them, and ordered drinks. 

Soon they were both drunk out of their minds. But the guys kept ordering them drinks, and they didn't dare refuse. Obviously they were amused by their drunk behavior and wanted to see how far they could push them. Soon it was almost impossible for them to stand straight. "I-I don't. I don't think should drink anymore." Kirsten stumbled pushing the drinks away.  

"Come on, were just having some fun!" The tall brown haired boy said smirking.  

"N-no it's really okay. Thank you though." Chelsea replied sitting down.  

They boy argued with them, and kept ordering them drinks, which they kept refusing. 

"Okay, you've had your fun, leave these girls alone now." Another boy said while leaning on the bar. 

The boys all groaned in disagreement, but finally left o go take advantage of another group.  

"Thank you, a lot actually." the girl said, trying their vest not to slur their words. 

" Anytime" he said with a smile. Wow, he was stunning. "Do you girls want to go home?" 

"Um. I don't think that-" he cut her off "oh no, not like that!" he laughed "I meant do you want a ride home, I don't want to let you girls drive" he said laughing. 

They both agreed and followed him out of the club. "Oh, and by the way. I'm Louis Tomlinson, nice to meet you

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