Part 27 - Rushed off our feet

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It was morning and we were getting ready to sneak in to the prison. Hershel and beth stayed back to keep Judith safe whilst we approached. We ran as quickly and as quietly as possible to the backside of the fence. "Watch the backside!" Rick yelled whilst whispering at the same time trying not to alert any surrounding walkers. Glenn began to cut the fence using a pair of wire cutters I had found a few weeks ago. Rick scanned the prison yard and pointed to an open gate at the far end. "If we can shut that gate, prevent more from filling the yard, we can pick off these walkers." Everyone began to flood through the hole through the fence before Glenn and T-Dog closed it up and threaded it shut on the other side. "So how do we shut the gate?" I asked, seeing no way of getting to it. "I'll do it"..."Me too" Rick and Tom both volunteered to close that gate, but they had to run through the field... which was full of walkers. "No. It's a suicide run!" I replied, not wanting them to go. "I'll go..." Rick walked up to me and placed his hand on the nook of my neck. "No, you can't, I don't want you to" I placed my hand on top of his and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "I don't have anything to lose, you do, what have I got to live for?" he took a deep breath in and let out a long sigh "You have all of us to live for... you have me... please let me do this... Tom will come with me and we'll be fine" I paused for a moment and nodded. Rick nodded and walked past me to Maggie and beth. "Maggie, Beth draw as many as you can over there... Pop 'em through the fence" Maggie and beth nodded and run towards the inside fence drawing the walkers, and distracting them by banging the fence. Rick approached Daryl and Carol and delighted them a job too. "Daryl, go back to the other tower... Carol, you've become a pretty good shot, take your time, we don't have a lot of ammo to waste" Carol and Daryl nodded and ran to the opposite guard towers by the front gate of the prison. "Jess, you and Carl take this tower" He pointed to the tower next to the gate he and Tom were about to run through. "We'll run for the gate"

Rick and Tom approached for the gate and ran through it closing it after them. Everyone who was on the guard tower, loaded up and began to eradicate the walkers in the field. I aimed my sights of the hunting rifle Daryl had given my and watched as Rick and Tom duck and dive through the mass of the dead. They stopped as they got to the open gate on the other side. A walker began to approach Rick, its arms were grabbing out getting closer and closer. I lined up the scope of the rifle and shot the walker in the back of the head sending it to the ground. They approached the other guard tower and locked themselves inside it, whilst the others and I cleaned up the rest of the walkers.

Everyone regrouped in the middle of the field, there was so much space! It felt like a little peace of heave in the corner of the world. "I haven't felt this good in weeks!" I shouted spinning around with my arms in the air. I felt safe, and I think I could say the same for everyone else. "We haven't had this much space since we left the farm!" Carol expressed the same feeling I did, spinning around and looking up to the aqua blue cloudless sky.


"This was a great win" Rick broke silence between the group, we had set up camp in the middle of the field and congregated around the fire. "But we've got to push just a little bit more... Most of the walkers are dressed as guards and prisoners. Looks like this place fell pretty early.

It could mean the supplies may be intact." Rick looked at everyone as he said this. "Can't we enjoy this for a few days?" I replied back, why is Rick in a rush, we're all tired and exhausted. "This place is huge... it'll have weapons, food, medicine...This place could be a gold mine" Hershel shook his head and turned to face Rick "We're dangerously low on ammo... We'd run out before we even make a dent" Rick nodded back at Hershel and glanced at me with a smile. "That's why we have to go in there Hand to hand. After all we've been through, we can handle it, I know it...These assholes don't stand a chance..." I gave out a quiet chuckle and laid down looking at the clear starry sky. I took this moment to think about everything that had happened over the last year. I often thought about James, Lori, Dale, Shane, Jim and Jacqui. The people we had lost along our whole journey. But I also though about life, that baby Judith was brought in to the world and that no matter how bad things get, they can only get better.

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