"Death is a mystery and burial is a secret."

-Stephen King 




             As soon as I stepped on the bathroom's cold floor. Everything became a blur. I felt light-headed as I fought a wave of dizziness that washed through my body. Opening my eyes fully I realized we were no longer standing in the bathroom instead we were in a dark hallway. The place looked awfully familiar to me; a wooden door was at the of it. Soft wind was entering through a big white window next to the door. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed a little girl standing a few steps from us. It was me, it was the four years old me.

             What was going on?

             Was I dreaming?

             Was this an illusion?

             "Follow her," Madness whispered pointing at the small version of me. I glanced at him confused; he remained still next to me. His red eyes seemed to grow brighter whenever he looked at the little girl.

             "What's going on?" I asked. My heart was already hammering inside my chest. Madness wrapped his cold fingers around my arm and pushed me towards the little girl.

             "I said follow her," he ordered.  I watched how the little girl started walking towards the door. She was holding a teddy bear under one small arm.

             "Why?" I turned to him defiantly. I had promised myself not to show him fear ever again even when I was still deeply afraid of him.  

             "Do you want answers or not?" he inquired coldly. I swallowed and looked over my shoulder to see what she was doing. The little girl was opening the door now. I had a really bad feeling about this. Something in my gut told me I didn't want to find out what was behind that door. "What are you waiting for?" Madness' voice only increased my uneasiness. I turned my head back to him. He was now leaning against the wall "Are you scared, Angeles?"  

             "No," I stated firmly. He just smirked at me,

             "You're lying…"  

             "No, I'm not scared of you," I shook my head in defiance as I tried to calm my breathing.  

             "You need to go through that door," his eyes were not on me; they were on the door behind me, the door the little girl had just gone through.

             "Why? If you don't tell me why, I won't do it," I stated there was no way I was going to fall for another of his tricks.

             "You are not easy to please, are you?" he sighed in frustration.  

             "What do you mean?" I scowled at him.

             "Ever since you first saw me all you've done, besides pathetically crying and begging, is ask questions," he explained straightening his body. His intimidating figure loomed over me. His red eyes were looking right into my blue ones now "Now I'm offering you answers and you don't want them."

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