It Takes Time Part 9.

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Once I was done with the recording the tension in the room was thick and everyone sensed it. I didn't know what they wanted to expect to be honest because its not like all my songs are going to be happy. I went-going through a break up and wrote these songs. So they all shouldn't be so shocked.

Kanye and I were busy going over a few things while the others left and went somewhere. I sat back and let out a sigh making me him look at me and send me a small smile.

Kanye:"You know you can talk to me right?"He said making me look at him and sigh.

Y/n:"I know...I just don't know what to do anymore!"I said making him shut his laptop and turn to look at me giving me his full attention.

Kanye:"Alright, start talking"He said making me take a deep breathe.

Y/n:"I don't know what to do anymore Kanye! I'm trying to move on from Kendall....I really am-"

Kanye:"Then?"He asked looking at me confused making me groan.

Y/n:"I feel guilty! I just feel guilty when I know I shouldn't be feeling guilty since we aren't in a relationship"I said taking another breathe and looking at him"We all went to Fai's place yesterday for a party and I got drunk...we ended up playing  truth and dare and I kissed Camila-"

Kanye:"Hold up! You kissed Camila? As in your childhood crush? As in Camila Cabello?"He asked making me nod.

Y/n:"Yeah and we kissed a few times after that and ended up having a hot and heavy make out session and as much as I want to jump up and down and act like I'm ten again and fan girl about kissing her. I'm feeling guilty"I said making him look at me and sigh.

Kanye:"Y/n you and Kendall were together for a long time and it takes a long time for someone to get over the other person especially if you were in a relationship for over a year"He said resting his hands in my shoulders"I know you might feel guilty but you shouldn't. You two aren't together anymore and you can do whatever you kissed Camila, Y/n! She was your childhood and you should give it a shot with her..."He said making me nod and pull him in for a hug making him chuckle.

Y/n:"Thanks Ye"I said making him pull away and smile.

Kanye:"Not a problem... Also I'll see you later at the family dinner at Kris's"He said waking up making me nod and wake up as well.

Y/n:"Yeah, also tell me if you guys need anything cause my family will not step foot into the house without bringing something"I said making him chuckle as I walked him to the door.

Kanye:"Will do...see you later Y/l/n"He said making me smile and nod. I walked back to the living room and saw everyone sitting there watching TV making me sit next to Camila and sigh.

Bella:"You okay?"She asked making me send her a small smile and nod. I looked over at Camila and rested my hand on hers making her look at me.

Y/n:"Can we talk?"I asked making her nod and get up with me. We walked outside and sat near the pool. There was a silence between us but I could feel the questions she wanted to ask me and I knew what they were"I didn't regret kissing you...drunk or not"I said making her look at me.

Camila:"You're just saying that-"I cut her off by sitting next to her and cupping her face making her look at me. I took in all her features and couldn't help but smile"What? Is there something on my face?"She asked making me shake my head and smile.

Y/n:"'re just beautiful"I said making her blush. I took a deep breathe and looked at her"Camila I've a crush on you from the time I was ten. I was ten and yet you somehow managed to have me wrapped around you fingers....I didn't like seeing you sad, I didn't like when you be mad or grumpy, I didn't like seeing those brown eyes lose its sparkle and I still don't. I was always there to cheer you up and I'm always going to be here to cheer you up and I know you having feelings for me is a long shot but I'm just going man up and say it"I said taking a deep and steady breathe"I like you. I like you and I know I just came out from a relationship and I cant promise you anything cause my emotions are all over the place and stuff but I would like to give us a chance. I've been thinking about it for a while and I really want to give us a shot Camila..."I said looking at her to see a blank expression on her face.

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