Calm The Fire: 25

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“Alanjuz ghelekh, Thorin!”

Hearing an unfamiliar voice, Thorin stopped in his tracks. He was walking down one of many corridors trying to make his way to the kitchens. He had had some meetings with his father and his grandfather, as such he missed out on a meal.

Turning he looked to Náriel, where she had just come from he didn't know. Frowning and taking a step forwards he looked her over. She seemed to be smiling rather content with herself. “That was you?”

“Shh!” Náriel hushed him and put her hands over his, he had pointed up at her suddenly when she just cheekily grinned. “I promised Balin I would only speak it when in your presence or his, I made sure no one else was Dwarves are seriously a lot more broody and secretive than I first thought.”

Thorin processed all that she said and shook his head quickly. “Balin has been teaching you?”

“Yet again: shh.” Náriel frowned.

“Why?” Náriel went silent at this question which caused him to gently link his arm with her good one and pull her down the corridor. There was no point standing in the middle of a torch lit corridor talking about this matter.

“You know when you said good morning to me, it dawned on me, we actually have no idea what we're saying.” Náriel glanced up at him. “When speaking our own tongue. I understand your Westron perfectly,” she laughed quietly. “I merely asked Balin if he could teach me a few words.”

“When did your lessons start?”


“You're a quick learner,” Thorin admitted while turning into the kitchens. Náriel looked pleased at this and looked up at him. “I did not recognise your voice. I wondered what stranger has made their way into Erebor without the guards noticing, and how does this unknown female know my name?”

Náriel rolled her eyes. “Thorin you're not exactly unknown!” She laughed, “People know of you...if only by name and not by appearance.”


“Zûr zu?” Thorin asked, it was rather entertaining to see Náriel repeat the simple question while pacing to and fro on the balcony. It was sometime later in the evening, they had both eaten together and now receded to a balcony. There weren't many others milling around so it was safe to see how much Náriel had really learnt from Balin. The last thing either of them needed was someone to overhear and interrupt and then report back to his grandfather that an outsider – let alone this outsider being an Elf – was learning Khuzdul.

“Zûr zu...Zûr zu...” Náriel paced still repeating to herself.

“Do you want a hint?”

“No!” She exclaimed and turned to look at him.

“It means-” Thorin started to say only to have a hand placed over his mouth. He was casually leaning against the wall behind him, now he was virtually pressed against it all for the sake of being silent.

“Ghelekhur, razu?”

“Gamut.” He replied while removing her hand.

Náriel looked lost again, “Gamut...good,” she smiled and moved her hand out of his light grip, she swept her skirts out of the way and sat down. She had long since discarded her tunic and trousers. Looking to the dark cobalt colour she let out a quiet laugh. Thorin looked at her with a light frown. “We just had our first conversation.”

“You are a quick learner. Balin is very blessed to have such a pupil.”

“Âkminrûk zu.” Náriel smiled and leant back against the wall.

Thorin looked up at the moon which was just coming out from behind the clouds. “Yâdùshun.” Shaking his head he looked down at her. “Shouldn't Balin be participating in this praise too, not just you? It is after all him who is the teacher.”

“But teaching is easy. Learning is hard.” Náriel countered simply with a shrug.

“Teaching is easy, I think I may hold that to you.”

Náriel rolled her eyes and leant her head against his shoulder. “Repeat after me.” She said while shutting her eyes. “Sevin i dhaw gîn gi mibed?”

Thorin nudged her away from himself. “There's no way I can say that.”

“Sure there is, break it down, bit by bit you can say it.”

Crossing his arms, Thorin decided to ponder over the easily spoken question before even giving it a shot. Sighing and relenting he slowly but surely said each word, or tried to, Náriel did chime in now and again to correct his pronunciation.

“And in response I simply say,” she paused to turn to look at him. “Pe iestog.”

Thorin frowned. “You're doing this on purpose.”

“I'm teaching you.”

“The whole point is for you to tell me what I’m saying before I say it. For all I know I could be insulting someone.”

“You're not!” Náriel laughed and put a hand on his shoulder. “Trust me, you're not.” Standing up she turned and looked at him. “Sevin i dhaw gîn gi mibed?” She put a hand to her chest. “To which you can simply answer: caro.” Thorin's expression was darkening by the moment. Náriel smiled and walked over. Leaning down she placed her only hand to his cheek. “Sevin i dhaw gîn gi mibed? It means: can I kiss you? Pe iestog is if you wish, and caro is yes.” Náriel explained.

Thorin reached up and removed her hand and stood up slowly. She took a step back and smiled lightly up at him. “Out of all chose that?” He looked down at her from the corner of his eyes. Náriel giggled and waved her hand at him, currently having some sort of childish embarrassed moment. “Sevin i dhaw gîn gi mibed?”

“Caro!” She laughed, mainly because he had to pause mid-sentence to double check what he was saying was correct. He really didn't want to muddle words up. For all he knew the simplest slip could result in him saying something insulting. He reckoned Náriel would have no problem telling him if he did or not.

Having Náriel wince in his grasp caused him to pull back. “Achrâchi gabilul.” She looked to her arm which still hung in the sling, she rolled it in its socket and looked up at him. They had got caught up in the moment which resulted in Thorin holding her tightly against himself. “It means sorry.” He explained, furthering her vocabulary in Khuzdul. He couldn't help but think that she was coming out of this much more informed than himself.



Good evening: Alanjuz ghelekh

How are you? - Zûr zu?

Fine, and you? - Ghelekhur, razu?

Good - Gamut

Thank you - Âkminrûk zu

You're welcome - Yâdùshun

Be silent - No dhínen

Can I kiss you? - Sevin i dhaw gîn gi mibed?

If you wish - Pe iestog

Yes - Caro

I’m sorry - Achrâchi gabilul

(A/N: Oh holy cow...that was too much random Khuzdul/Sindarin for my own good. Researching this shiz is fun yes, but darn time consuming, but mostly fun xD)

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