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Warning! lots of tofu being eaten in this chapter XDDD

"His Highness the Royal Emperor" Her Servants announced which made her shoot up from her seat and hurriedly fixed herself

"This Guifei greets the Almighty Emperor" She Greeted and kowtowed three times

"No need" The Emperor said with detachment

if she was really Chuanha she would cry with happiness it's been years since the emperor had visited her palace and today must be a miracle for him to go to her

"To what honor do I deserve your presence your majesty?" She asked softly averting her gaze from him

the eyes can't lie if he sees that she is unfeeling towards him then she's doomed but unknown to her the man in front of her already noticed the indifference in her eyes

"I want you for tonight" He said waiting for her eyes to sparkle only to be disappointed

She Looked at him and started removing her clothes one by one but never said a word.

"Come closer Chuanha let me take a good look at you" He said opening his arms towards her and like a puppet she followed him looking directly at his eyes

He studied her for a long time almost as if she is memorizing her, The truth is he is hoping to find one emotion that could tell him that her heart is still his

"I've missed you" She softly said but the words never reached her eyes

He chose not to reply and started kissing her with closed eyes only to open it and meet Chuanha's gaze

'Chuanha your wish have came true he came back to your palace but the difference is that you are long gone'

"Close your eyes" He commanded which she obeyed

He undressed himself and positioned in front of her entering her in one swift motion

"Y-your Highness" She moaned as he goes faster

He started groaning and she knew that he is getting closer and closer

"Here I come" He said and released his seed deep inside her

This is another business deal for Leifan she slept with countless of man in her past life and Xuanzong is just another man but in this lifetime Xuanzong is the only man that could satisfy her needs so she is doing her best to satisfy him so that he would be panting with desire whenever he will think of her

"You made this Emperor happy name somethind and I shall give it to you" Xuanzong said which made her stop and her heart ache

In Chuanha's memory everytime they did the deed he would always say this but her answer would always be the same

"You alone is a thousand times enough my emperor"

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