Chapter 23

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Clarke's pov


It was summer and that ment graduations. I wasn't graduating but Bellamy's class was. We haven't really talked since the winter dance. Octavia and I are still friends which is good. She told me how she is trying her best to make things better between her and Bellamy. They are talking, but things aren't the way that they were before. I have probably talked to Bellamy two times during these past months. One time was when I was in his way and he asked me to move and the other time was when I said hi to him and he didn't answer. After I tried to talk to him and he didn't answer.After that I felt sad, but  I knew that this all was my fault, but still.

"Clarke! Are you ready? It's your last day of school, you don't want to be late." My mom shouted from downstairs.

"I will be in a minute." I yelled back.

Atom gives us rides to school because we thought it would be too awkward if we continued to ride to school with Bellamy. Atom and Octavia are dating so he doesn't mind taking us to school, which is great.

"Atom is here." I heared my mom shout.

I ran downstairs and grabbed an apple.

"Bye mom!" I said and rushed to the door.

"Clarke!" I heard my mom say and I stopped and turned around to look at her.

"I have thing work thing that I need to go to, so I won't be home for 2 weeks." She said.

"Oh, okay. Have fun and be safe." I said and smiled. I was used to my mom going on business trips alot. She i an amazing doctor and she needs to travel alot which I am fine with. I am used to being alone.

I got out and walked to Atom's car.

"Hi guys." I said as I got in.

"Hi." They said at the same time.

We got to school and I walked to my locker. I saw Finn. I was happy too see him. I haven't seen him that much during the summer.

"Hi Finn." I said and walked to him. I gave him a hug and he hugged me back but broke the hug quickly.

We  both had math so we walked to the class together.

After school we had the graduations. Because of that we got to go home a little bit early. I got home and changed to my dress. I like watching graduations and I was happy when I found out that every student in our school was invited to the graduation.

When I had gotten ready I picked up my bag and texted Octavia.

"Hey, are we going together to the graduation?"

"Yes. You can come to my place if you want and we can leave from here."

"Okay, see you in 10"

I got to Octavia's place and knocked on the door.

"Hey Atom you-" Bellamy said as he opened the door. I guess he was waiting for Atom to come. I let out a little laugh when he realized that it was me not Atom.

"Oh it's you. Octavia is upstairs." When Bellamy said that something seemed different. He just usually opens the door for me and walks away, but this time he talked to me. I don't know if something was different or if I was just imagining it.

I walked to Octavia's room and opened the door. She was wearing the same dress that I was. Her's was black and mine was white.

"I love your dress." I said sarcastically.

"I love your's too. You have such good taste." Octavia said and smiled.

"I know." I said and started to laugh.

"We should get downstairs, because Atom will be here soon to take us to the graduation." Octavia said and we started to walk downstairs.

"Hey, you guys look so beautiful." Atom said when he saw us.

"Thanks." Octavia and I said.

"We should get going."Atom said and we started to walk outside.

"Clarke!" I heared someone shout as I was closing the door. I opened the door and saw Bellamy.

"Can you guys wait for me." He asked.

"Yeah, of course." I said and smiled.

"Hey guys! Bellamy is comming with us to the school." I shouted at Octvaia and Atom who were just about to get in the car.

"Okay." Octavia said and smiled. I knew that she was happy that Bellamy was comming with us and not going by himself.

Bellamy came out and closed the door behind him. We walked to the car and he opened the door for me.

"Thanks." I said.

"No worries." He said and got in after me.

We got to the school and we walked to the gym. Bellamy and Atom went to sit near the stage and we went to the audience.

After sitting there for what felt like forever the graduation started. Bellamy's name was called and he walked to the stage to get his diploma. Octavia and I clapped. After a while it was Atom's turn to get his diploma and we clapped again. When the graduation was over we walked over to Bellamy and Atom. Octavia hugged both of them and I congratulated both of them.

"What should we do now?" Octavia asked.

"Well I need to go and move the rest of my stuff to my dorm." Bellamy said.

"Same here." Atom said.

Octavia had told me how happy she was that Atom and Bellamy were going to the same college and how it was only 20 minutes away from her house.

"Do you guys need help moving? Clarke and I can come." Octavia said.

"Why not?" Bellamy said and smiled.

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