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"Young Miss we'll get in trouble for this" Xianlao complained while she dresses her mistress with man's clothing

"Just do it fastly Xianlao or else we'll get caught"

"We're done miss let's go" the servant hurriedly said assisting her mistress reluctantly

It's been long since the previous owner went out of the palace and being a curious lady Leifan is she grabbed the first opportunity to explore this newfound world

"Look Xiaolu" Chuanha said pointing at an opposite direction which made Xiaolu turn her back and find the thing that her mistress is pointing

'chance' Chuanha said happily and sneakily ran away from her servant

she can't explore with the little girl by her side always telling her that must not do this and that

aihoo so annoying

Her gaze landed on a poor old man sitting by the side staring at the space with pity she started to pave her way to the vendor

"What beautiful Toys" She exclaimed her eyes sparkling chaochao would cry in happiness if he'll see these precious toys

"They are handmade young lord" The seller said hope glittering in his eyes

"How much?"

"10 silver each, i just need to earn enough so that my grandchildren can eat"

"Not Enough I'll buy them for a hundred silver each" She said tossing a couple of silver to the old man

"Pack it up nicely please" She ordered as she looked around the marketplace

"Here you go young lord"

"Eh? Bookstore?" Chuanha wondered entering the shop that is full of handwritten books which made her eyes glitter

In her previous life she loves collecting antique books specially those rare books that are often found in the museums if not then at the hands of the richest history or book enthusiast she herself had three rare books in her hand and it cost her a couple of billion dollars

She happily made her way around the bookstore picking a lot of books in the process only to find herself unable to carry all the things that she bought

"Young Lord" a familiar voice cried which made her want to dash out and hide again

"Xiaolu Carry this for me please" She asked politely giving her the bag that contains all the toys that she had bought

she won't let anyone touch her books except herself

"What are these?" The servant inquired

"Chaochao's toys" she happily replied as the walk towards the palace's direction

She'll come back soon enough without Xiaolu hot on her tail


"My Love" The Empress Ning Xi happily said bowing to her Emperor


"This Empress have been waiting long for you" Ning Xi said as she poured tea on Xuanzong's cup

"Forgive this Lord for causing you trouble" Xuanzong apologized half heartedly

he is still pondering hard about Chuanha what made her change?

"Will you stay for tonight my love?" Ning Xi softly asked

even if she asks she knows that Xuanzong will stay for she knows that He loves her

"No" He replied and stood up

"Where to your highness?" His Eunuch asked

"To Chuanha Guifei's Palace" Xuanzong coldly said and started walking

He will get his answers tonight

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