Hope and Faith the process of not giving up.

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Ok, so this is my first time writing a story on here.

I am sorry if you do not like it.

I will try my best to make it the best i can.

This story is about a girl that had to grow up pretty fast.

Things started going down hill fast.

you will read and get an idea of some of the things that

happened in her life in this story.

Note: this contains material for mature readers.

Part 1

I thought i was always the typical normal girl.

i always had a group of freinds around me where

ever i was. My grades were the typical high school grades.

My report cards always had A's and B's and the

occasional C in my advanced classes.

I was always a "big girl". I was by far one of the

tallest girls in my school standing at 5'11 and a half

in 9th grade. I was not a tooth pick at all i had

meat on my bones. I was always the person to go to

if you were having some sort of problem.

I was always the one giving the positive

advice and cheering people up.

Although most of their problems consisted

of what guy or girl they liked this week and

what they did wrong.

But no one ever stopped to think about me.

But I didn't care about that. All I

was worried about was if everyone else was happy around me.

But no one knew that I had some problems going on in

my life. BIG PROBLEMS.

But soon they would get worse.