Hard Decisons. Part 16

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2nd October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

Prissy has been back here for six weeks now and it isn't getting any easier to talk with Rem now than it was before. It was like Prissy had a built in radar for detecting when both Rem and I were alone together. I could tell that he wanted to tell me something but stopped when we were joined by Prissy. Mostly over some trivial matter at that.

Doesn't she get any time off? One would certainly think so. But whenever I am working late and nearly everyone has gone home, she is still hanging around watching me like a hawk. I try not to laugh at her when she hovers. But it's hard.

But not so hard to ignore when I have something else bothering me at the moment.

I haven't had a chance to meet up with Ollie's Jarryd. Between my work, his work, Ollie's work and the farm with Nan, it was hard finding the right time. But all that has to take a back seat after what I found.

Feeling as if I had been punched in the stomach and winded couldn't even come close to what I was feeling when I found a lump in my left breast. I took time off from work after lunch to go and have some ultrasound scans and tests done on both of my breasts to be certain there wasn't another lump lurking around anywhere. Then I had a couple of mamograms done.

Now it is just a waiting game while waiting for the results to come through. I was just glad that there was both a breast clinic and a medical clinic not too far from the office where Rem has his offices. But it wasn't easy trying not to worry about whether or not I have breast cancer.

I can honestly say that it won't take much for me to find a little dark room somewhere and scream the place down over and over again until my throat was raw. That is how scared I am. But knowing other women have gone through this and survived it is what gives me the strength to hold on and wait until I know whether or not the results are positive.

I didn't feel like I wanted to go back to work the next day. My breast was absolutely sore where the biopsy incision was performed to test the small mass they found. But I couldn't stay home and hang around. Mum would get suspicious with how I was acting.

So, I immersed myself in work. Both for Rems and for the other clients that I have contracts with. So, in my lunch time, I would go to the food court in the shopping centre and find myself a little table in the corner somewhere and have a light lunch which mainly consisted of salads since I was having trouble holding anything down at the moment.

I knew that nauseausness was also a symptom of cancer and that contributed to my worry. But I had to eat and I forced myself to do so taking tablets that the doctor prescribed for the sickness I was experiencing.

I usually took an hour long lunch so I had some decent time to spend on my other clients finishing off their weekly accounts and emailing the results off to both the ITA and to the client themselves. It was easy enough to do with the new programs we have now for accounting that make all the work easy for everyone.

It was on the third day that I got the call. I had been at work for a couple of hours looking through the PC's to see if any alarms had gone off when the receptionist at the medical centre called and wanted me to come in. Closing my notebook, I packed it into my bag along with my phone and got up from my chair in front of my own desk and walked out of the little office I was still inhabitating.

Not that I can see myself being there much longer. mainly because Prissy really wants me to vacate the place and get out of her sight. I really must annoy her with my presence, I was thinking.

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