Part 26 - Bad news and political madness

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Jess's POV ------- 4 Months on

Tom was right, it definitely did get warmer. I loved spring, the way the warm breeze would lightly whirl past you. The way the world would grow again, flowers, the leaves of the trees and the fresh luscious green grass that leaves dew residue in the early morning.

We had been on the road and it had been a hard four months, looking for formula and clothes for baby Judith which was running out again. Judith loved to cry, which would draw walkers to us so we couldn't really stay in one place for too long. She was four months old now and would sleep through the night which allowed us to stay in places for longer.

Rick had gotten better since Lori died, but not to his usual self. Carl still refused to speak to anyone, he would just glance up at you blankly then walk away.


"I'm going on a run, Judith needs more formula" I shouted down stairs to the others before grabbing my stuff and wondering the the ground level. "I'll come" Tom raised his hand and winked at me making me blush a little. Tom and I had been getting along very well, he always accompanied me on runs, and he was always flirtatious towards me... I didn't mind.

We left the house in search of formula and aimed to be back before Judith's next feed. "Hey... we've never been down here before" I pointed to an area on the map that I didn't recognise. I glanced over to Tom from the passenger seat, he was driving, but looking at the map too. "Hmm I don't recognise it" he replied back whilst looking back and keeping his eyes on the road. We followed the map in search of any stores, but had no luck. "Damn it! I though we were on to something there" I folded the map up scruffily and shoved it into the glove compartment. Tom began to turn the car around to return back to the group to tell them the bad news.

I turned my head and glanced at the tree line, trees... trees... and more trees. Wait... what was that? "Stop the car!... Stop the car!" I raced out of the passenger side of the car and ran to a grassy opening between the trees. Tom had followed me and we both made an amazing discovery. "I believe we may have hit the jackpot... we need to tell the others!" Tom shouted back to me, he was already getting into the car to tell the group about our accidental discovery. I averted my eyes from the car and back to what we had found, I took in a deep breath and let it out. Though it was overrun, I think we could definitely take this by force. This prison may be the best thing that's ever happened to us.


BANG, BANG, BANG! I smacked my fist upon the front door of the house. I waited for a moment but there was no answer. I banged again, this time the door swung open to reveal Rick. "What?!... What's wrong!" I pushed past him excitedly and skipped into the middle other the living room. "Get the others! We've found something!" I stood there bobbing up and down on the spot, I couldn't contain my excitement. Everyone emerged from the nooks and Cranny's of the house and congregated around Tom and I.

"So what's wrong" I looked at Tom, then moved my gaze over to Rick and smiled. "We found something, something that can keep us safe" "What?! what is it?" Carol yelped from the back of the congregation trying to pass through with Judith in her arms. I couldn't say it, I was to excited, the thought that we might have a place to sleep, fences and walls separating us from the dead. "A prison ... we found a prison" Tom chimed in making everyone smile from ear to ear. "I don't know man... are there walkers there?" Tom's eyes fell from the groups and on to Ricks. "The prison yard is full of walkers, but the walk way around it is empty, I think we could cut our way in there and pick them off through the fence" Rick still looked unsatisfied "I think we could do this, Rick a place to call our own... we can sleep without waking up at the smallest sound or worrying if we'll be warm enough to survive the night... and what about Judith?" I looked at Rick and lightly stepped over to his keeping my eyes on to his, I placed one hand under his and one on top of his hand. "We can do this... I know we can... I believe in all of us" I looked around at everyone whilst I said this. Rick pinched the bridge of his nose and looked over to Judith and Carl and sighed. "Okay... let's go..." Rick made the final decision "Aha yes!" T-Dog clapped his hand in glee and began to collect all his stuff, as did everyone else.


It had gotten dark quick when we had arrived at the prison, we decided it would be best to go in there when it was daytime so we decided to make a camp. We had been sitting around the fire for a while now, Tom had placed himself close to me, T-Dog was in between Carol who had Sophia on her lap and Glenn who was snuggled up close to Maggie. I kept glancing at Rick who was sat by himself staring blankly into the fire. He snapped back into reality and cleared his throat to get our attention and stood up. "There's something I haven't told you" We all looked up at Rick, what hasn't he told us? "Back at the CDC... Jenner told me something" He rubbed his face in frustration as though he really didn't want to tell us but we had to know. "Were all infected..." Oh my god... that explains Randell... it all makes sense now. Oh god, but why hadn't he told us before? "Why did you tell us sooner!" Maggie yelped, her stare burning deep in to Ricks. Rick began to to get frustrated and began to pace up and down "Listen! If you all want to survive?... Then this isn't a democracy any more!"

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