"Fine, fine. I'll be the first to admit that I do tend to be very predictable. I try not to though. Last night wasn't predictable was it?"

"It was."

"Now you're just being mean. Look, I'll be nice today if you stay in here and talk to me. Staying outside must be boring and I'm getting lonely." I absently rubbed my stomach. "Well, I'm not completely alone obviously, there's a teeny tiny person growing inside of me." She looked at me in silence.

She sighed and stood against the wall, leaving the door ajar.

I could try and escape now, I thought. Just far enough to get out of Dogs reach.

I wouldn't make it and I knew it.

"You know." I was babbling to fill in the awkward silence. "Dominic could probably already hear the baby's heartbeat. He probably wouldn't say anything, you know, it wouldn't have crossed his mind to mention it to me. Maybe if I had asked he would have told me. If the baby is developed enough, he would be able to read their thoughts as well. Do they even have thoughts this young?" I was rubbing my stomach soothingly.

They were growing faster and I could feel them kicking. I smiled at her. "Do you want to feel?" I asked her.

She hesitated but shook her head.

I stood up and walked towards her. "No look feel, it's kind of cool. My cousin was pregnant once and when she was, like, two weeks until her due date, you could feel the baby inside her. It was so weird. You could feel the hardness of their head and then the softness of her stomach. It was kind of gross but cool" I lifted her hand and adjusted it onto my stomach.

She stood still. The baby kicked and she sucked in a deep breath. She looked at me with wide eyes. She has nice eyes, very soothing. I grinned at her.

"Weird but cool." I said. She nodded in agreement. "It doesn't really hurt. They gently kick."

"Why do you say they? Most people let a he or she slip but you're so focused on saying they." She was staring at me curiously. Finally, an emotion.

"I don't want to raise them with a set way of thinking." I paused. "Well, that's not the best way to put it. They're getting a gender neutral name and I'm not just going to assume that they're going to be straight or cisgender or anything, you know? My father didn't react well to my brother finding a male mate, I don't want my child to feel ashamed for liking a gender that they're not supposed to like according to some people. Love is love."

I looked to the wall as I spoke. Was I being dramatic? Maybe. Did I care? Not one bit.

O.K.maybe a little.

"You're brother is gay?" She asked. Her voice didn't hold any malice or disgust.

"He always assumed he was going to mate with a female because he was male. He was trained to do it and I don't think he expected to be mated to a male that was more dominant than him. Nate is dominant but he's also very gentle. He can never stay angry for too long and if he does, you know it's something you did wrong. Not him. He's too fair and understanding for that."

"Does there always have to be a dominant one in the mating?" Bella asked. I looked at her in surprise.

"Was that not how you were raised?" I asked

She shook her head." No, the town I was raised in, you found your mate and you married them once you loved each other. You weren't allowed to reject them but you were allowed to wait until you were married. I got quite a shock when I realised that not everywhere is like that."

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