= Chapter 47 =

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Extra long chapter for you guys since I didn't update for along time due to my exams!Comment on what you think about this chapter! Love y'all, celine❤️


" I'll be here stargazing, looking up for love."

-Jeremy Lockhart

He stares at me in shock, not believing my words.

"I'm joking, Jeremy!" I slapped his arm, laughing. How could he be that gullible! Looking back into his eyes, I watched the happiness drain from his ocean eyes, my breath hitched.

Did he think that I wanted to be his girlfriend?

"Jerem-" I tried to break the awkward silence that enveloped the car.

"Good joke, Sky. How gullible could I be to think that you want to be my girlfriend? It's so...silly." A weak smile spread across his cheeks, but it wasn't the smile of happiness where his dimples appeared. He was covering his hurt, I could see his internal struggle through his eyes.

I was at the loss of words. What was I suppose to say now? I broke his heart, I knew it and I know how bad it feels.

"So have you ever been to Miami?" His eyes held interest, but I know he was just doing this to distract both of us from this topic.

"Hard to believe, but I've never been there." I shook my head with a chuckle, as he gave me a playful smile.
The abrupt stop of the car throws me out from admiring his features..

"Then welcome to Miami Beach!" Jeremy announced before putting on his shades and pulling his tshirt off his head. He stepped out of the car, taking in the smell of the sea. Wearing my bikini under my tshirt, I pulled it over my head and looked out to the crowds of people enjoying themselves under the blazing sun.

"What now?" I slammed the car door close, walking over to Jeremy. I hope he didn't notice how hard it was for me to look away from his abs that were screaming out for me to run my fingertips over.

The vibration from Jeremy's phone gained the attention of both of us.

"You spoke too soon." Jeremy muttered before sliding open the message.

He read the message out, " Both of you didn't watch your back, you missed the first chance to find out who I was.
3W! . " Jeremy frowned and my jaw dropped.

"Was that clue 4 ?" I shook my head in confusion.

Tapping his chin, Jeremy looked around while mumbling "We didn't watch our back...we didn't watch
out—I GOT IT!" He yelled out in realization.


"We didn't watch our backs...get it? We didn't watch our backs and the back of the car too!!" He ran and opened the back compartment of the car. How did he even think of that?

Pushing the back compartment of the car upwards, Jeremy pulled out a familiar white envelope with 3W! bolded onto it.

"How could we have not heard him?" Jeremy clenched his jaw upon hearing my words.

"He most likely came when we were sleeping, we were distracted." He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

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