It's All About Learning. Part 15

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1st October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Rem's POV...

I can't believe what a dick I am with how I turned tail and ran like I did from Fai. I was and am still an arse about the whole thing. I knew what I was doing when I invited her to stay. I was even all about introducing her to Jarryd after he comes back from Bali where he has been working on one of our cases for the past few months.

But that job is coming to a close and he'll be back on shore shortly. I miss the kid when he is away like he is. I have to remind myself that he is actually a man these days with a mind of his own even if he is just in his early twenties. But I have started to learn to let him go a little more than usual.

I have to learn else I will only be making it hard for the two of us to get along together.

Anyway, I was feeling excited knowing that very soon Jarryd was going to be back with us. Gran was also looking forward to him being back in the country where she can get her hands on him, literally. She loves the boy and has done so since the first moment she saw him.

Gran said that us two boys reminded her of our grandfather and as we grew up into men, that was confirmed when it came out that we really did with us inheriting his facial features along with our builds and blonde hair. Gran said once that we reminded her, Pop included, of a young Robert Redford. But with attitude she aid with smiles.

Seeing young images of Pop when he was much younger confirmed that we do indeed take after him. Nonetheless, how she feels about us is nothing compared to how I feel at the moment after finding out that both Priscilla and Fai actually knew each other and that there was no love lost between them.

After that first meeting a couple of weeks ago in my office when Delia, as we have been calling her for years, there was the occasional tenseness that permeated throughout the office. But that usually happened when the two girls were together. They clashed nearly every time and it was usually Fai that one when she would just give Delia one stern look. Which made delia stomp out of the room in a huff.

Then once Delia had left the room, Fai would also leave to go to her little office.

So far, there hasn't been anyone that has triggered anything where the accounts are concerned and I have to say that I was feeling a bit tense myself over the whole thing. I thought that with the rest of the team that came over with Delia, it might have been one of them who did it. But so far, there hasn't been any kind of movement.

I guess it is just a waiting game at the moment until whoever it is does something. Which they will. They always do and we have the patience to wait whereas the one who planted the damn program might not be able to for any length of time.

" I'm off. I'm meeting my daughter this afternoon and you don't need me around so I am off." I heard Fai say as Delia and I were looking through paperwork relating to the Tallman's contract and how that particular job is coming along.

The only problem we could see was the habitat of some wild ducks may be affected bt their construction work. So, I sent one of our area managers up to have a look and assess the situation and then report back to me.

But when I heard Fai speak, I looked up from the paperwork in my hands as did Delia and just waved as she went out the door. delia, of course, had to say something about her on the way out the door.

" Good riddance." Which was enough for me to lean back into my chair and look up at my personal assistant with a searching look trying to understand what she was thinking.

" Well! It's uncomfortable having her around. With her snide remarks and how she belittles everyone." Delia went on to say which then had me frowning as I also dropped the paperwork down onto the desk in front of me.

" That woman has not once belittled anyone that I know of, including you. The only time she has some smart remark to say about anyone was when you arrived and ran into her and she actually said it to your face and not behind your back. So, I have no idea what makes you think that she has been." I said to her with a clip to my voice which I am sure was showing my PA some displeasure at what she just said.

Staring at her for a moment more, I dropped my gaze after glaring at her until she dropped hers first before picking up the paperwork and resuming what we were doing before Fai came through the room.

I was finding it hard to concentrate lately about anything unless it had something to do with Fai. She never talks to me unless she has to or I go looking for her. We no longer go to the food court and have lunch together. I stay here and eat with Delia who orders lunch in like she usually does for us.

But every now and again I will see Fai get a bit cranky and know that she hasn't eaten anything in the last few hours or more and secretively order in something to be delivered to her.

I have noticed over the past few days that she seems a little preoccupied about something that seems to be worrying her, but I can't get her to stop for a moment and talk to me. And when I do manage to make time with her to talk and even explain myself to her, Delia has to pick her moments and intrude on them both.

What none of us knew was that there was someone watching our every move and knew about the new security measures that were now inplace via the companies PC's and was just waiting for the right time with no one around before acting to access the programs put in place for them to gain a few dollars here and there.

When the older accountant had gone and had that heart attack, we didn't know that the main virus would shut the whole program down withing the accounts department and the accounting would loop and freeze on them. I had to wait to be here before I can access them. But time was rushing pass and I knew I would have to act real soon.

I just have to find the right moment and circumstances where no one would know who it was that was acting with the old accountant. It's all about learning patience. Something I hate learning.

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