ask out part 2

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"Leo you don't understand.'

I looked away from him.

"I have a problem."
"Everyone this and i want to be there for you."

"It's not just any problem. I-i have."

You took a deep breath and tried to stop yourself from crying

"I'm an alcoholic and because i drink at a young age i have short term memory."

You could feel leo hug you and you started crying.

"I don't care if you forget me. I won't forget you. Your so nice and kind that i don't about any of that. If i can't date you at least let's keep being friends."


"Yes we're friends."
"Yes i'll be your girlfriend."

He picked you up and spined you around

"Omg yes. I love you so much right now."

You laughed with him happy for once in your life


"Well you know what i hate you. No one would like a annoying bratty girl like you."

"Good leave."

You could feel him hugging you and it felt warm.

"I'm not like everyone and you know it. I'm gonna be here even when you want me too."
you broke down and started crying.

"I'm sorry. I'm not use to this. My parents never loved me."
"Now why wouldn't they love someone like you."
"Cause i was terrible, i had anger issues, my brother is transgender and my pride and ego always get the best of me."

Raph hugged you tighter and you could feel the weight of the world lifting off of you.

"I think your amazing even with all that."

"Then why did my parents beat me up. Why did they have to throw me and my brother out on the streets to take care of another child."

"It's okay promise to love you more."
"Will you go out with me raph."
"Of course i will baby girl."


"It's not that."

You look away from him and slowly you take a deep breath.

"You just deserve better than me."
"Look at me."

You forced yourself to look at donnie and you could see the mistake you made. It has been a while since you began to let your walls down for anyone and when you did, it wasn't you who got hurt but the person that cared for you.

"I want you and only you. No matter what i'll chose you over a million times."
"You don't understand."

"Then make me understand."
With you shaky sigh you slowly tell him everything.
"My parents are perfectionist and both had ocd so i was always in the middle of it and had to be perfect. When it was time for college i broke under the pressure of my parents and killed people. As long as i knew i could get money from them i killed them. My parents never questioned where i got the money and i was never questioned by the police."
You could feel donnie place his hands on yours

"As long as you feel guilty it means you have a conscious."

"Donnie will you go out with me."
"As long as it makes you happy i will gladly be your boyfriend."

"I apologize in advance."
he kissed the back of your hand

"And thank you in advance."
You blushed finally not afraid or stressed anymore.


"Right sorry i forgot i'm a mutant."

"It's not that. When i was little i was always bullied and didn't have many friends. When i thought things were getting better i lost both of my parents at the age 15 and it took me awhile to get on my own feet. I was in and out of different shelters so i was always quiet and i found it difficult to make friends or even speak with others so a lot of people thought i was a mute."

"Hey i still love you. You were going through a lot and look at you right now. Your such a strong and beautiful person. Don't you understand."
I look up at him and for some reason that half smile made me weak.

"Opposites always attract each other."
"Your such an innocent turtle."

"If a happy person likes me can fall in love with you then someone as sad as you fall in love with someone like me."
"I will love you for as long as you love me and maybe a little more."
"So infinity."
"Yea infinity."

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