Part 16 (4)

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Georgie: Do you think we should call her again?
Lauren: Idk
Georgie: Should we go to the police?
Lauren: What are they gonna do?!
Georgie: true... I'm gonna text Elizabeth. She's stuck there too. You ask Megan
Lauren: OK.
~5 mins later~
Georgie: Elizabeth responded!
Lauren: What has she said? Megan hasn't replied yet
Georgie: She wrote down the directions from school. Apparently it was a left turn, wait about a minute, stop at some traffic lights and go right. Then you keep going straight and turn left. Take another left and wait at some more traffic lights. Keep going straight. There's a single building/shed in the middle of a field.
Lauren: Hmm... that's a lot of info. You sure it's her?
Georgie: Idk... I still think we should search. Do your parents let you out at this time?
Lauren: Not today. I've got to go shopping in about an hour.
Georgie: Mine don't usually. And they can tell when I'm lying. So I'm not going to lie. I'll tell them that I'm meeting Megan.
Lauren: Text me when you're at school! 👍
~20 mins later~
Lauren: You there yet?
Georgie: Nearly.
Georgie: K I'm here.
Lauren: So you need to take a left... right?
Georgie: Left, straight on, then a right.
Lauren: Yep.
Georgie: OK. I've gone left and I'm at the traffic lights she said. There is a right turn but it's a dead end.
Lauren: Well that's not it then.
Georgie: There's is another right turn a little further on, and I think that's it.
Lauren: Please don't get lost.
Georgie: I won't 😆
Lauren: Next it's two lefts
Georgie: Wonder if it's the first left I come to...
Lauren: Yeah go through that one.
Georgie: Then what?
Lauren: Keep going straight until you see a field
Georgie: Think I went the wrong way.
Lauren: No. She said it was quite a way.
Georgie: Oh! You're right! There is a field. Ugh that shed is the creepiest think ever....
Lauren: Go on, Georgie!
Georgie: I'm pressing my ear against the wall, and I just knocked on it. I hear voices!
Lauren: Yes?!
Georgie: I think that's Greyson's voice. And Megan's!
Lauren: Go on in:
Georgie: Ok...
Lauren: ??
Georgie: OH MY GOD

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