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I could get Jay off my mind I spend my other two blocks thinking of that smile of hers and that voice and how chill she acts.

I was in the middle of thoughts about her until Nadia (my crazy friend) threw a baby carrot at me.

"Nadia!" I giggles a little removing it from my hair and plopping it on the side of my cafeteria tray.

She smiles " I know that look, that's the same look you gave when you first started talking to Kyle."

I instantly blushed. I don't speak of Kyle anymore he's a boy who broke my heart last year he was a nerd but he still managed to cheat on me even though I could've did so much better then him.

I then saw Jay walk into the cafeteria looking lost. I quickly scrambled to get my favorite lip gloss out of my tiny purse and a piece of gum.

Nadia and Kim (my emotional friend) both followed my gaze.

"You like that girl?" Kim asked but I just assumed she mean the girl in front of Jay

"No silly!" I giggled "I'm looking at Jay... He's so fine" I said before getting up and walking over to her not noticing my friends' puzzled looks.

I walked over swaying my hips just right. I've never tried to impress anyone with my body but for her it just happened naturally

"Hi!, it's jay.... Right?"

She smiled her sexy laid back smile.

"Yea sup?"

I felt myself blush alittle

"Well I wasn't sure if you had anyone to sit with so I was wondering if you wanted to sit with me and my friends"

"Sure" she replied grabbing her tray as I walked ahead.

I was born with the gift of a nice noticeable butt and it didn't take much to make someone stare.

I could feel her watching my shirt as it flowed with my waist then flared out around my butt. I turned around to catch her staring and when she realized she blushed hard before taking a seat beside me.

"Hello I'm Nadia and this is Kim" Nadia said observing Jay.

"Hey I'm jay" she said in her nice smooth voice before taking a bite if her pizza.

"So where are you from Jay?" Kim asked nibbling at the salad on her fork.

"I'm from Florida-"

"Daayyyyummmm" Nadia cut her off "how did you end up here in Cali?!"

Jay chuckled as i shook my head at Nadia's impolite explosion

" Well my mom got a job offer that she couldn't pass up so we moved here"

"Oooooooo do you have a girlfriend?" Kim asked her while winking at me.

Jay looked over at me and softly chuckled at my blushing.

"Nah I haven't had a girlfriend in a while"

I don't see how that's possible...

They all turned and looked at me a

"I'm guessing I said that out loud"

They all laughed and nodded while I blushes even harder.

"Can I see your schedule?" I asked her near to the end of lunch I could see my friends enjoyed her company so if we got into a relationship everything wouldn't be all awkward and stuff.

She got it out and handed it to me and I scanned it over ... "You must be pretty smart because you have two classes with me both days" I smirked she laughed and popped her invisible collar "I try I try"

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