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This chapter is pretty much based on the game that the YouTuber Kyutie is playing in the video I have shared. If you do not have Glasses and/or braces just pretend. :)

O/C/N: Old Crush's Name
O/C/F/N: Old crush's friend's name.

Your POV

O/C/N. My all-time crush.

I looked around the corner of the hallway to see him there. He was walking with one of his friends and some popular girls. No, I am not a stalker, I'm just a bit too shy to walk up to him.

He's so cool I wish he would notice me.

I sighed and walked to class.

"Wow look at that girl! She looks so stupid!" Some random boy said.

"Yeah, she's SUCH a nerd! Look at her glasses and braces. So lame."

They always make fun of me because of my glasses and braces. Why can't they just leave me alone? It's not like their faces look any better than mine. If anything my personality is definitely much better, if I do say so myself. Also, why does having glasses and braces make you a nerd? My report card begs to differ. 

However, I couldn't help but bend my head down in shame as tears escaped my eyes, sliding down my face like ice on a smooth table. I really shouldn't care about what they say but it's hard to smile knowing that's what people think when they see me. 

"Um Y/N? Why are you crying?"

I looked up, "C/N? You came!"

"Of course I did. Here," he smiled and wiped away my tears using his handkerchief.

I smiled getting rid of my tears, "Uh C/N? Do you... do you think I'm pretty?"

"Er, um... yeah. Sure."

C/N seemed confused as his face turned very red. Then he saw O/C/N down the hallway where I was facing away from.

"Ohhhh... I get it. You want to get O/C/N's "attention", huh? Maybe you should ditch those glasses and work on your appearance a bit," C/N recommended, probably knowing what O/C/N's preferences are.

"Wow! That's a pretty good idea." I put on my determined face, trusting C/N's advice.

I went home that day with a smile. I walked into the bathroom as soon as I was home.

I took off my braces and put on some contacts. (Lol pretend you can take of your braces) I looked into the mirror and already felt beautiful!

I went to bed after texting C/N for a while. My thick sheets wrapped around me as it was winter.


I was at the corner of the hallway, as usual, looking for O/C/N.

"There's O/C/N! This is your chance to go for it!" C/N encouraged.

"But..." I'm scared.

"Just go!" C/N gave me a light push.


And too late...

I stumbled a bit but then walked down the hallway.

"Is that..." O/C/N said, "Not bad."

"Y/N? She looks so different. Where'd her glasses go?" O/C/F/N said.

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