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Dillon POV

I tried my hardest to not make eye contact with Joanna.

Every time I looked up she had this smirk on her face like she knew she was making me uncomfortable.

"...oh and that room! Every time I open up the door I can't even walk in because theres clothes everywhere... Dillon- are you even listening to me? I swear I must be invisible!"

"Huh?" I looked over at my mom and saw her annoyed expression.

"Your...room...needs...cleaning. Need me to repeat it?" She leaned in a little closer from her side of the dinner table and everyone started chuckling.

"Alright alright, I'll try." I said, sipping my water.

"Try? Son, you will do what your mother tells you." My dad said patting my shoulder.

"Alright alright." I repeated.

"Joanna, how are you liking it here?" My mother changed the subject.

"It's wonderful! My bed is so comfy and I get along with everyone fine." She said, and winked at me after her sentence was over.

I felt my face heat up, either from anger or embarrassment.

I wanted her out this house.

"Oh and how is your mother? I'm planning on calling her early tomorrow."

"She's... okay." Joanna pushed her hair behind her ear. Her whole persona changed at that moment and I suddenly felt sad.

She's here for a reason Dillon, not just to manipulate you.

"I'm so sorry hon. I know she'll be alright." My mom reached over and touched her hand.

I suddenly felt awkward with all this sympathy shit.

"I'm gonna start cleaning up my room." I lied. Needed some kind of excuse to excuse myself from this awkwardness, right?

My father nodded his head as if saying 'go ahead' and I took my plate into the kitchen.

I put my plate in the sink and leaned up against the fridge. I ran my hands through my hair (a nervous habit of mine) and sighed.

"Stressed?" A voice said.

"Fuck!" I stood up straight and eyed Joanna.

"What?" She tried to look innocent.

I shook my head and turned to leave the kitchen.

"No need to deny things, Dillon." Was the last thing I heard her say as I went upstairs.

Cait POV

I couldn't stop thinking about him. I wanted to see him. I feel like shit for what I did and I just hate it.

I should just face my fear and go right up to their house and force him to listen to my apology.

I went into the bathroom and studied myself. I need a change. I'm tired of looking like the same old me. I feel so plain and boring.

I rummaged under my sink cabinet and smiled as I found what I wanted. I would die my hair a different color. It was purple, I liked that color and it was the only one I had so why not?

About two and half hours later I stared at myself. I looked like a whole new person and thats what I was going for.

Damn, I looked good too. I notice this color really makes my brown eyes pop... Hmm, Let's see if Dillon wants to even wants to look at Joanna again, I thought.

I straightened my hair a bit and teased the top just to add a bit of bounce to my hair and started the short walk across the land to Dillon's house.

(Visual of hair below)

I rung the doorbell hesitantly

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I rung the doorbell hesitantly. What if Joanna answered?

Well she'd see me looking my best, then.

I wore ripped jeans and a cute army-green colored top my mother got me a while ago. It was off shoulders and extremely cute, definitely my favorite shirt.

What? I wanted to look good while trying to win back his forgiveness.

I rung the door bell and waited a second.

When it swung open, Michelle was on the other side. Her eyes almost popped out of her eye-sockets when she saw my new look.

"Oh my god! Mom come see this!" Michelle giggled happily.

"Coming!" I heard Mrs.Taylor say.

When she saw me she immediately hugged me. "Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!" She said. Michelle hugged me after while she agreed with her mother.

I felt my cheeks getting warm from their reactions.

"Thank you so much." I smiled at them.

"Me next! Mom I want my hair that color!" Michelle said.

"Alright kiddo, maybe when you're a little older." Danielle smoothed down her hair.

"So what's up?" She smiled.

"Is Dillon here?" I asked.

"He's upstairs." She moved to let me inside and I nodded a thanks in response.

I breathed steadily as I walked up the stairs slowly.

As I reached his door, I knocked firmly, so he would hear if he had loud music or not (darn his soundproof room).

A second later it opened and there Dillon was, his hair a little messy- probably from sleep, but he didn't look sleepy.

He pulled me in by my arm, closed the door and immediately pressed his lips against mine.

Maybe an apology wasn't necessary?

And suddenly everything around me didn't matter anymore. My stress, Dillon being angry at me before, Joanna, it didn't matter anymore.

His hands were on my cheeks and he pulled me in closely to the kiss. It was only us in the world at that moment, just our kiss and our lips pressed against each other.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and ended the kiss, but immediately started kissing his neck.

"Dillon, I am so sorry." I mumbled against his neck.

I missed his smell, he always smelled like a specific cologne and almost a hint of cigarette smoke. Weird combination of a smell, but I enjoyed it and savored it as much as I could.

"It's okay." He said leaning his chin into my hair. I'm pretty sure he noticed the change but we stayed in our comfortable silence and in each other's warmth for a long time.

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