" It shouldn't have happened. I don't mix business with pleasure. It shouldn't have happened." he growled at me which ahd me raising my eyebrows at him as I looked at him stupidily.

" Are you stupid or what? You know full well that my contract with your company is just about up so that side of our relationship is a non issue. So, you tell me another one and make it believable." I demanded of him and watched as he turned away from me and stood there looking out the window to the view outside. Which i have to admit was actually quite lovely with the river bank strecthed out in front of us.

" Rem?' I whispered as I came up to stand beside him. I waited while he gathered his thoughts together before speaking.

" It shouldn't have happened. I don't have time for anyone in my life at the moment with how much work there is to finish in the company." He said in a quiet tone of voice as I continued to look up at him.

" I'm sorry. But I can't do this." He said as he looked down at me then with blank looking eyes.

I know there has to be more than that to have caused him to be like this. This was totally the opposite from what he was like last night and during the night when he was so gentle with me. But I didn't say anything as I turned away from him and gathered my things together and wlaking across to the lift, I slid my shoes onto my feet and knowing that he was watching me, I pressed the button to open the doors to the lift and once inside, I turned to look at him while pressing the button to take me down to the ground floor. I watched his face until the doors were shut and not until then did I sag against the wall as the emotions all hit me.

How could I have been so stupid to have allowed that to happen. How on earth did I mis read the whole way he was acting. Just a one night stand. That was all I was to him. That's what it felt like to me.

I was so disgusted with myself for allowing it to bloody well happen. Once down on the ground floor, the lift doors opened and I walked my way across the foyer, nodding to the guard standing nearby to the glass doors which automatically slid open for me to leave and seeing a bus coming across the bridge over the river, I turned in that direction and hoped I came to a bus stop not too far away.

I doubt that there would be any bus stops that would come down this well off area. Five mintes of walking and I found one which I hoped would take me to the closest train station. Which this one did. So, pulling out my opal card, I swiped as i got onto the bus and swiped off at the station at Meadowbank.

An hour later, I was changing into the spare clothes I kept at the office and began to start my day. Which I was hoping was only going to get better for me after the way it damn well started back at Rem's apartment. How I wished I had gone home instead of being here.

Prissy walked in the door an hour later with Rem. To say who was shocked more was a complete understatement when she snarled at me. I just leaned against Rem's desk and smiled at her.

" Prissy, Prissy, Prissy, Prissy. Fancy running into you here. How have you been? Still sharing bods with Issy? And Sissy of course, and Danny." I said to her with the smile I have always used when dealing with her.

It didn't escape my notice that Rem was standing shocked there himself with the fact that the two of us actually knew each other. And not nicely either.

" What the hell are you doing here? I should get security on to you and have you removed." She snarled out as she stood there in a pristine looking office outfit. Black knee length skirt and white shirt with a dark jacket. It actually looked very well on her I noticed.

" You are actually looking really good there, Priscilla. I see you took my advice and started dressing more appropriately." I said to her in a sincere voice. Which I was. She actually looked really nice compared to the last time I saw her.

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