Choices. Part 14

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1st October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

Feeling the light from behind my eyes was what started to wake me up. I was feeling so comfortable laying on the pillow I was also curled around. I had the best night last night. More than I have had in the last few weeks.

I slowly rolled over and stretched my arms bumping into the person I was currently sleeping in the bed with. I inadvertently smack theem int he side of the head causing a groan to be heard.

" Damn it, mum. That was not called for." Ollie said after I stretched again. Ollie had arrived on another visit and was currently sleepin in my bed since we had been talking until two this morning about this new boyfriend of hers who now wants to meet Ollie's family. It was looking really serious with the two of them. I have still yet to meet him, Roddy as she calls him.

The only information Ollie has shared is that he told her that his father raised him despite the short age group. He was the result of a teenage indescretion on his fathers parth when he was very young. But he didn't shirk his responsibilities as most teenage boys would have done. Like Danny did.

He took on full responsibility after the lady in question had dumped the little boy into his fathers arms and departed, never to be seen again. At least, not that he knew of anyway.

So, I was thinking that since the lad was willing to impart that much personal information to my girl tells me that he must be serious. So Ollie and I talked into the early hours of the morning about the situation and how her Roddy was constantly travelling about the place at the moment due to work commitments was what bothered me the most.

But Ollie said that his travelling was only die to the companies expansion and a couple of newer clients added to the company. Once that was all settled, he would be staioned in the one place which was actually here in Sydney somewhere. He was going to stay with his father until he got himself his own place that he and Ollie would be comfortable in.

That was how serious the situation was between the two younger people. But my main concern was and will always be my only childs happiness. I pity anyone who causes her to lose that. But what also was something of a concern to me was that Ollie was happy out on the farm where we both meet up on the weekends.

She even knew that once this job I have with E.E Charters was complete, it would be a team of local accountants who woul dbe taking over the books so to speak from Rem's company. I was only hired to fix and stabilize the deptartment from what it was when I was first given the task. That will be closing soon.

Then I will be based back out in the country where the rest of my clients are locally. The country is where I am the most happiest. With my nan.

Since Ollie arrived yesterday afternoon after work finished by train then taxi, it gave us the whole weekend to spend with each other. Which I will admit wasn't suppose to happen. Usually while Ollie was up in the country, I would be spending my free time with Rem now.

Especially after that one and only night we spent together, I thought as I remembered back to that event. I couldn't understand why he was so cold the next morning after such a passionate night that we had. I told him that it had been years since I had been with anyone. I just didn't tell him that those years went back to before I had my daughter. So, I was pretty much inexperienced for him and I guess it showed with the looks he gave me the next morning.

" What is your problem? You can not be wanting to have a relationship with me and then getting cold feel after sampling the goods you wanted in the first place. So, what is the bloody problem?' I demanded of him after getting myself dressed after he stalked out of the room leaving me sitting there in his bed with the sheets clutched against my girls like it was.

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