As she brushed her hair for bed, she sees Cal standing in her doorway through her cracked vanity mirror.  He comes towards her and he was unexpectedly tender.

"I know you've been melancholy, and I don't pretend to know why," he began and from behind his back, he hands her a large black velvet jewel case.  She feels it with the tips of her fingers numbly.  "I intended to save this till the engagement gala next week.  But I thought tonight, perhaps a reminder of my feelings for you..."

Rose slowly opens the box.  Inside is the necklace, "Heart of the Ocean" in all its glory.  It is huge.  A malevolent blue stone glittering with an infinity of scalpel-like inner reflections.  "My God, Cal.  Is it a--"

"Diamond?" Cal said, cutting Rose off.  "Yes it is.  56 carats."

He takes the necklace and places it around her throat.  Rose watched as the piece of jewelry glinted around her neck.

"It was once worn by Louis the Sixteenth.  They call it Le Coeur de la Mer, the--"

"The Heart of the Ocean," Rose cuts in.  "Cal, it''s overwhelming..." she said underneath her breath as she felt the necklace with delicacy.

Cal gazed at the image of the two of them in the mirror.  "It's for royalty.  And we are royalty."  His fingers caress her neck and throat.  He seemed to be disarmed by Rose's elegance and beauty.  His emotion is, for the first time, unguarded.  "There's nothing I couldn't give you.  There's nothing I'd deny you if you would deny me.  Open your heart to me, Rose."

Of course his gift was only to reflect light back onto himself, to illuminate the greatness that was Caledon Hockley.  It was a cold stone.  A heart of ice.  Rose still felt its weight around her neck as though it was more of a chain for prison than a flattering accessory.