Finally, I was finished with my stuff and plopped down on my bed. It wasn't really anything to this, I just had a roommate until my boyfriend got back. She was nice, he had said. I wasn't really expecting her until 2 o'clock in the morning. It was currently 9 o'clock.

The doorbell rung and I had got up lazily and went downstairs to open the door.

"Hi, my name is Onika, Austin's sister," I couldn't believe I had never seen her before. She had long curly black hair and a noticeable nose piercing. The crop top she had on showed her belly button piercing and the shirt skirt looked like something I'd be scared to wear. It looked like everytime she'd try to bend over it would show something.

"Yeah, come in," I had yawned after holding the door for her to come in with 3 big suitcases.

"This is a nice place, where will I be sleeping?" I grabbed two of her suitcases and went upstairs to the room next to mine.

"This one is the biggest I could find for you, I hope you like it. I washed the sheets and everything is pretty new."

"It's fine, thank you so much."

" I'll uh, be next door if you need me, I'm pretty tired myself," I let out a chuckle.

"I know how you feel," Onika smiles.

After returning to my room, I slid under the covers before turning off my lamp. I could finally get some sleep after a tiring day.

. . .

When I woke up in the morning, I smelled food. It smelled really good.

"hey, I thought I'd make you some food as a "thank you" gift. I hope you like strawberries," Onika had said, handing me a plate.

"N-No it's ok," I sat up in bed and started to eat.

"mm, it's so good," I moaned taking another bite of the bacon.

"Well I did take cooking classes," I chuckled and looked at her.

" I actually have nothing to do today. What do you usually do?" She asked me.

I put the plate down and didn't really notice I had ate most of it.

"well, I just sit around and wait for Austin to come home. He's the one that works in this family," I put my head down and thought for a second. That sounded pretty pathetic to me.

" well, I don't really work either... you don't have to feel bad."

We pretty much talked for a little while and then I got dressed. Onika was really nice at helping me. The reason my boyfriend sent her here was because he thought I couldn't be alone. I don't really argue with him.

I sat on the couch with her as she looked down at the paper she was writing on.

I ran my hands over my thighs before looking at her.

" so.. how old are you?" I had asked. She had looked about 19 or 20. I was close to 30.. 29 to be exact.

I met Austin 2 years ago when I was at the club with my ex girlfriend. She's another story.

" 23," she answered.

I really didn't want to go any further with the questions because I could do that later. I asked her the simple ones before turning back tot the tv and blocking out her presence. She smelled sweet.. like some kind of peachy, strawberry smell.

"Beyoncé," she had called out. I wasn't really focused on her.

she had tapped my shoulder and I had looked at her. Her cleavage to be exact... I could tell she liked stuff that hugged her body well but wasn't tight.

"yes?" I had quickly looked into her eyes.

She was an attractive woman.

" do you like my drawing?"

(Insert Drawing of Girl)

" wow," She had a real talent.

"So, I take it that you like it."

" I really like it."

I had spent the day watching tv, expecting a call from Austin ... but he didn't call. That was weird.


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