007 | not the same

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NATALIA DIDN'T KNOW WHAT was worse, that fact that she had bumped into James or that they were alone at a table in the restaurant where they had their first date and pretty much became girlfriend and boyfriend

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NATALIA DIDN'T KNOW WHAT was worse, that fact that she had bumped into James or that they were alone at a table in the restaurant where they had their first date and pretty much became girlfriend and boyfriend.

All because Alice left them to use the restroom, for longer than ten minutes. Maybe Alice thought she was helping, or doing something to try to get them back together. But them getting together was the last thing Natalia ever imagined happening.

"So how's Madrid been?" James asked shyly. Not knowing how to start a conversation between them. I mean how do you start a conversation with your ex, who probably hates you and doesn't want to see you ever again?

"Great. How was Germany," Natalia asked dryly, she couldn't possibly care but it was the polite thing to do.

"That's good to hear, but Germany was good, I learned a little bit of German, Mats taught me most of it," he replied, with a small smile forming, being proud of himself for learning another language sort of. He knew Natalia could probably care less but this moment, talking to her after two years, it meant so much to him. It felt like deja vu – like he knew this would happen as if everything was meant to happen for a reason.

"You still work at the same hospital?" He asked, being curious if she was still working there.


"That's good, Gianna still works there?"

The two may have broken up, but they would be lying if they said they didn't worry about each other during those two years. Natalia got worried, especially when she heard James was injured.

I mean, after all, James would be her first love, her childhood sweetheart, first for everything and vice-versa.

"Yeah," she said simply. All Natalia wanted to do was leave that place already. Everything was just tense and almost intimidating.

"Have you visited Cúcuta?" James asked, thinking that Natalia would eventually get fed up with all his questions him and tell him to shut up already.

"Yeah, I went a few months ago, you?" She mumbled, looking up for the first time since they had entered the restaurant over twenty-seven minutes ago. Alice was still in the restroom, and Natalia knew she wasn't planning on coming out yet.

"I went last week, to tell my parents about me transferring back to Madrid," he mumbled. "But you know what was the first thing they asked? They asked for you, wondering when you would visit them because they missed you. I think they expected for us to get—"

"James, stop please... you know that I'm not planning on getting back with you. Everything is different now, it's not the same, and it will never be."

James would be lying if those words hadn't hurt him or made him feel some sort of pain. But he told himself that he deserved it because he had done the same to her, only much more pain and what he had done to her was much worse, two years ago.

"I didn't expect that either. They did, I'm only telling you," he mumbled.

His heart felt broken, maybe he did expect for them to get another chance. Another chance to make everything right. And another chance to be together forever this time. But that hope seemed to fade away when she told him it wasn't happening.

After so long, Alice returned from the restroom. "Why such serious faces," she laughed.

"No reason," Natalia mumbled.

"Ok," Alice laughed. "So James, how was it in Germany?"

Natalia sighed knowing it would be a long afternoon, just hearing them talk about Germany bored her to death. She didn't have a problem with the country itself, it was just that everything she heard these past few days was about James.

She had been doing so good without him, barely even thinking about him. But one day he shows up and all she can think about now is him. Maybe what she hated the most is that those feelings that had developed for him eleven years ago, the feelings for him she told herself didn't exist anymore began to appear all over again.

She had spent trying to make herself focus on herself, to start all over and forget him. But he showed up only to ruin that – all that was on her mind was him now.

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