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Lauren's POV
We just got to the tour bus and I decided to let mani and Ally bring everything inside while I carry Dinah in. So I pick up Dinah and she starts to move while I walk to the bus. I wonder if she is awake?
Dinah's POV
I wake up and I realized someone carrying me. Then I realized who it is ... LAUREN? I wasn't mad I kind of liked it but I wasn't supposed to like it. I'm 20 years old not 2. But since I like it I decided no to say anything. Then Lauren stopped walking . So I got nervous. Then she said " Dinah, baby I know you're awake " I turn around slowly and smile. Then she says " When we get in the bus I have something important to ask you okay " I nod and the I put my head on her shoulders. Then next I know she puts me down on the couch in the back lounge of the tour bus and then sits down next to me and says"I know you've been stressed about not being able to see you family and plus tour is starting so I want you to stress even more . So I came up with a way you could get away from all of your problems." I reallyliked that idea and I didn't mind it " Okay what is it " I say. "Have you heard of ageplay " I wanted to say say no but I have and I tried it before but i couldn't do it by myself " Um yes " Then lauren says "Would you like to try it "   I think for a second "Yes but I don't want to be a bother "  Then lauren picks me up and sits me in her lap and says " Aww nugget , your not bothering us . The thing that's bothering us is that your stressed we want to take that away. "  I feel really happy because I don't have to be stressed anymore. "Do you want to start now " lauren asked me. I say yes and start clapping. Lauren picks me up and opens up a bag of baby stuff. Then she says "This is for you baby " Yay I'm so excited but also nervous.

I promise you guys little Dinah is in the next chapter and is adorable. Also I decided to post this chapter today because I just started this story today and in the first hour y'all were voting so here's a gift 🎁. Love you guys ❤️

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