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My eyes opened, revieling the plain walls infront of me. The room was empty like always, waiting for that one person to come back.

I came here everyday to clean of all the dust of the shelves, the room was full of beautifull flowers and books, but without him here it felt like this was just a empty room.

I got out of bed wearing a oversised shirt and a pair of lose cut up shorts, I sat on the corner of my bed and looked at the time.

"10:00 huh"

Everyday was the same, i unlocked my phone recieving one message from Y/N. I opened it after a while of recieding spam of messages.

____ TEXT ______________

Finally i have to tell
You something!!    
                                       Make it quick

They came back.

Those words were enaugh to make me lose my sanity, i started running around the houce rolling around. I grabbed the empty bottles laying on the floor and threw them in the bin, I cleaned the entire houce.

I was squeeling and jumping, was this really happeneing? Was he really comming back to me?

I wasnt able to think anylonger as there was a knock on the door which caused me to stop breathing, i pulled myself over to the door and breathed heavily. As i twisted the door handle a familiar face stood infront of me turning my smile into a froun.

"Patric get out"

Patric was a boy who keeps bothering me every single day of my life, i slamed the door closed and sat on my bed hearing endless knocking and shouting. After a while they stoped so i went to the kitchen but then came another knock.

"Patrik i told you im not interested"

As i opened the door my eyes widened, I felt warm chaped lips on mine, hands wraping around my waist.

"Im home"

~~This is what i tried to do it might of failed but i hope you liked it!!!!

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