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“When I was a child I always remember my mom telling me love is beautiful, love has no boundaries and she said that while having bruises on her face and body after a fight from my dad” –Iona

When I opened my eyes I was greeted by my mate’s green eyes that made me feel a warm wave strike through me that shook my body straight to my core. Drake looked a little relieved when he saw my eyes open but then his eyes turned darker and that only means one thing, Lust.

I cleared my throat and his eyes flashed back to its normal color and his cheeks turned in to a crimson color. “Sorry” he whispered “My wolf was a little too happy seeing you awake”

I smiled “Well I’m happy too, that the nurses and Mammie allowed you to come in” I grinned talking with drake seems so easy and normal to me that I haven’t noticed Doram and Michael there until Michael cleared his throat. “Uhm Hey Michael…?” I said a little bit unsure what to say to Michael since he have been avoiding me since the last time I saw him in the hospital and last time I heard he hated me

Michael sighed and sits near my head and was going to ruffle my hair until Drake growled “Calm down brit she’s my cousin” Michael said then he ruffled my hair “Hey Iona” he smiled again. I felt relief come through me sinceI haven’t seen him smile since the time we met after 10 years.

I smiled but then I frowned realizing I won't be able to see that smile any longer, I won't be able to see him be happy though I know maybe I’ll be able to in spirit mode but I want to see him in person I mean where I can touch him and hold him. But if I died I won't be able to, I would never be able to.

“Michael….” I said tears started to flow out of my eyes as I raised my arms to hug him feeling my head a little lighter than it was because I know my hair could even be counted. “I’m……Sorry” I sobbed “I’m very sorry” I don’t know why I’m apologizing its just that I feel like I should.

“dummy what should you be sorry about I should be the one apologizing I shouldn’t have treated you the way I treated you before” he said while squeezing me close to him as he rocked me slow “I should have gone after you I mean we should have gone after you on that day even though you got that far”

I put up a forced smile which gladly didn’t show because Michael smiled back and indulged. I broke the hug and turn to Drake who had an intense glare on Michael. “I think you guys should go” I said.

“Uh Why?!” Drake half shouted and half screeched.

“it’s getting late and visiting hours is almost over and only family members are supposed to stay here” I said a little bit disappointed as Drake was when he glared at Michael before turning to get out of the room. “that was easy”

“I couldn’t agree more” Michael said. “But I can't stand him”

I smirked “Oh really? Are you really serious I mean the only reason you hate English people is that a Brit girl broke your heart”

He groaned “Don’t want to remember her, Don’t remind me of her”

“what you put it up to yourself?” I grinned loving the way Michael’s eyebrow twitched knowing he was getting angrier by the minute.

He made a mock growl and huffed

“Oh you just did not growl at me, do you want to me to go then sure I’ll go wait for three more months and I’m sure I’ll permanently be out of your sight” I joked

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