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Lauren's POV
       As we pull to the store slowly let go of  Dinah . She whines a little . But I eventually get out the car without her waking up I ask Ally to come with me and mani to stay in the car and watch her. Then Ally asked me "Um what do you need" I pull out my phone and show her the list . The list says :
1. Diapers
2. Pull-ups
3. Apple Juice
4. Sippy cup
5. Pacifier
7. Blanket
8. Some type of stuffed animal

Then Ally asked me why I needed diapers and pull ups. I said that " Because I don't know how she's gonna be " Then we spilt up . Ally  is getting the diaper, pull ups , apple juice, and the sippy cup. I already got her pacifier and onesies. I only got 3 because I don't know if she'll want to do it or not. Now the hard parts are the blanket and stuffed animal. I decided to get Dinah and fluffy blue blanket. And I also decided to get her a stuffed Simba because she likes stealing my stuffed Nala . So once I finished buying her stuff I met up with Ally and we walked to the car and put all her stuff in the trunk. Once we got in the car we saw Dinah was sleeping still. I pulled her over and laid her head in my lap. And I say her slight smile. Which really made happy.

The chapter  has come to a end but I promise in next chapter you will see more little Dinah. Love you guys ❤️

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