chapter thirty-three

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They didn't go after me today, I felt myself begin to calm when Percy found me and told me it was safe to come back. I sighed softly my left hand finding it's way into my hair as my right still contained the glowing box. I felt more dark magic pulse through it as I trudged back into the castle. 

"Hey, Nico!" I looked up to find Ginny running towards me waving as Harry and Draco followed. 

"Hello guys," I replied softly hiding the box behind my back.

"Whatcha got there?" She said bubbly trying to look over my shoulders, Draco sighed and began to speak,

"Try to Ignore Weasleys 'excitement' she just found out that her brothers ghost his wandering the castle." His voice was soft and monotone as if he didn't want to offend. I felt a soft and fake smile form,

"Oh really! That's great!" I began to back away from the three of them and raced up the steps before they could say another word. I felt my feet stumble and my breath begins to shallow as I puffed, I had run a lot recently and didn't need to climb up two hundred or so stairs just to get to my common room.

"Leo contritum," I muttered tiredly as I walked past the fat lady and through Percy, Jason and I's private dorms. I sat on one of the seats and soon felt Percy and Jason sit next to me.

"Any.... any news of Will?" I asked my heart clenching tightly at the sight of Wills blank stare and slow stiff movements filled my mind.

"Hazel and Him had a plan to talk to They about what Will could and couldn't say, He found that he could say as much or as little as he wanted-" I felt my heart rise "-but there would be varying consequences to each..." My heart sunk once more at Jason's words. How could any of this happen and also weren't we supposed to be helping the school not begin possed and destroying it?

"I would think as much," Muttered reminding myself of my father, 

"Don't worry, Will is still Will, It's not him who is doing this." I felt tears fill my eyes, I felt my hands shake and I felt my breath shudder softly before I blacked out... I couldn't handle this. Essspecily without sleep, or food and water and most certainly not without Will.

Hey there guys I'm so sorry that this couldn't come out early I am busy and currently fight writer's block so please don't be afraid to give me some Ideas on what you want to happen! Also thanks for reading and helping me grow as an author! XD