Part 25 - "Her name is Judith"

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Once I had calmed myself down I approached Daryl and the baby, "W-whats her name?" Everyone began smiling including Daryl which was a first, I had never seen him smile, it was warm and beautiful. "She hasn't got a name, but Daryl's got a good one haha" T-Dog laughed whilst he pointed to the brooding Daryl with the beautiful baby girl in his arms. Daryl was returned to his thoughts when Glenn punched his shoulders. His glance moved from the baby and met my eyes, he smiled again. "Lil asskicker, she should be called Lil asskicker" as soon as his eyes were on mine, they were gone again and back on to 'Lil asskicker'

"Judith... Her name is Judith." Carl claimed coldly in the door way that connected the kitchen before leaving again. Judith... what a wonderful name. Judith Grimes. I thought back to Lori, oh my god, that child will never know who her real mother is. I began to feel a nausea again in the pit of my stomach, I left the kitchen swiftly and returned to the room I had picked and once again plopped on to my make shift bed and tried to get some sleep. Maybe I could temporarily scare away the ghosts and memories of my past and get a good nights rest. Wrapped myself up to keep my body warm and closed my eyes hoping that I would drift deep into a dreamless sleep.


"Jess... Jess... Wake up" I felt a soft but wide hand stroke across my face as I began to wake up from my long dreamless slumber. I opened my eyes slowly, I didn't know whether it was night or day and I didn't want to blind myself if it was broad daylight. Once my eyes were open. I could see from outside that the sun was just about rising, which had an orange ominous glow. I looked up to see Tom staring down at me, he flashed me that ever glowing smile he always expressed before offering his hand out and helping me to my feet.

"Were moving out again... good thing is, I doubt it'll stay cold for much longer... the snow is melting" he pointed the the water drops gliding down the wind on and onto the window pane.  "Well that's a relief" I smiled back at him and began to collect up all my stuff and trudge Dow. the stairs with Tom helping me carry my bag. What a gentleman!

Everyone packed up their stuff and began to load up the cars. Rick wanted to hold a funeral for Lori and bury her but the ground was too hard to dig through so we had to cover her up and leave her in the house. Rick didn't like it but it was the best we could do. Rick approached me. "Here... you take her... I can't...look at her right now" He plopped Judith into my arms, pinched the bridge of his nose, walked off and climbed into his car. I kept glancing over at him as he placed his head into his hands. Not knowing what to do I glanced down at the wrapped up sleeping baby. What are we going to do? she is a blessing, but what about when she begins to cry? She will draw walkers for miles... More questions, only for the future to know and for us to find out.

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