Protection from Torment

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   🔸1 black candle
   🔸Spider webs
   🔸A white or blue candle
   🔸Calming or purifying incense
   🔸Juice from a Dieffenbachia plant (which numbs and paralyzes the tongue if you get it in your mouth, so don't; you won't need much of it)

Time: Waning Moon or Dark of the Moon.

Use a dark altar, or an image of Hecate, Avenging Goddess, on your altar. Place two candles on each side of the image. Inscribe the black candle with your enemies name. Make your circle. Say the following:
"Lady of Darkness,
Dark Isis of spells Hecate,
Avenging Mother,
Hear us and help us."

Roll the black candle in the juice of the Dieffenbachia to stop the enemy from speaking evil about you or your loved ones. Say:
"Let the tongue of (name) be numb and powerless to speak the evil,
To speak the untrue.
Let his/her voice fail and throat close on the harmful words,
By the power of he Dark Lady."

Then roll the black candle in spider webs. Say:
"May (name) be caught and bound by the webs of his/her deceit.

Then write the person's name on a piece of paper. Light the candle and say:
"Here is (name) alone and helpless.
(Name) you are friendless.
Emptiness and failure close around you.
Your plans are as nothing.
Frustration is yours.
Trouble, doubt and fear are at your side.
Soon you will cease tormenting me (or name of person your protecting)."

Burn the paper in the flame of the black candle. Take it and the remnants of the candle after dark and sprinkle it before the residence of your enemy, or where the enemy is certain to walk. Light a blue or white candle and burn calming or purifying incense for peace.

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